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How To Smoke An E-Cigarette in Public

Smoke 'em anywhere

Last updated on December 13th, 2021Do You Have Vaper-Phobia? You’re Not Alone!  So you’re ready to try electronic cigarettes, but there’s that nagging issue about smoking your e-cigarette in public. What if someone thinks badly of you? Will you be chastised? Will they brusquely escort you away from their shop or restaurant? Probably not; however, …

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Don’t Suffer Smoking Out in the Cold – Just Switch to E-Cigarettes

Last updated on December 13th, 2021 If you’re a smoker and you’re smoking outside in wintertime, you’re probably humming the old tune, “ baby it’s cold outside ”. Even down south in Atlanta, people are willing to stand in the frigid wind, huddled outside their homes, freezing their butts off just so they can smoke a cigarette. If …

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Cigarette Smokers Have Rights Too

No Smoking Here Uncle Sam Poster

Last updated on December 13th, 2021 Is This Country Violating Smokers’ Rights? I’ve been participating in a discussion about quitting cigarettes and I’ve changed my mind about a few things. One thing I’ve realized is that there is no such thing as Smokers’ Rights. Too often it doesn’t pay to tell someone that smoking is …

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