Yoga for Male Libido Enhancement and Sexual Health

Last updated on April 2nd, 2023

Yoga Lotus PoseHey Guys! Yoga is not just for girls; Yoga is great for men, in fact, practicing Yoga is excellent for enhancing virility, and sexual energy!It’s been said that the ancient holy men and yogis of India were sexually active throughout their lives…and they lived a long time. Yoga played a big part in boosting their libido and keeping them fit.

This article will present some very “potent” Yoga poses for men , designed to tone those all-important organs and to boost your libido.

If you’re concerned about sexual dysfunction or you just want to keep your equipment primed for action, you may want to incorporate these yoga poses and movements (called “ Asanas ”) into your regular exercise program.

Yoga is traditionally practiced for maintaining body strength, flexibility and balance so don’t be surprised if in addition to finding yourself romantically primed, you find yourself feeling totally rejuvenated; even spiritually transformed.

I’ve studied Yoga for over a decade and I am very familiar with all Asana’s described here. Instructions and descriptions of each Asana come from certified Yoga instructors including my own.

Please note, the exercises described here are for information purposes only and are not meant to replace professional medical treatment. Before beginning any exercise program, always consult your health care professional.

Why Is Yoga So Powerful in Boosting the Male Libido?

Kundalini flow

Kundalini flow

Sexual energy manifests in nature as a vibration. These vibrations, according to Kundalini Yoga originate at the base of your spine. Kundalini means “coiled up energy”. The Kundalini Yoga exercises demonstrated here, help to raise the level of this vibration within your body so the coil unfurls and rises up through your body. But Kundalini Yoga poses do even more. If there is a “blockage” along the sexual energy channels of your body, these poses will help to “unblock” the channel letting your energy flow naturally.

Here’s what can be expected from practicing these exercises:

  • You’ll experience increased energy
  • You’ll have improved flexibility for more mobile, less painful sexual activity
  • The movements strengthen and develop buttocks and legs for improved sexual activity
  • Erectile dysfunction is improved

Prepare For Your Yoga Practice

Yoga is great for male libido

Yoga is great for male libido

-Wear something comfortable that’s not too tight around your waist or crotch area.

-Don’t wear a loose shirt that will get in your face when you bend over.

-Don’t wear socks, as you may slip when holding the positions.

-Don’t eat a lot for at least two hours before Yoga. Try to avoid eating meat, fats, and spicy foods for 10 hrs before Yoga.

-If you don’t have a Yoga mat, you can do the exercises on a floor or carpet or outside on any comfortable terrain.  Allow sufficient space to complete the exercises. If you can lie on your back and make a “snow angel” you’ve got enough space.

Half-Lotus Position

Half-Lotus Position

-If you like, turn on some non-intrusive, relaxing music.

Sit cross-legged or in a half-lotus position. Don’t worry if your knees are nowhere near the floor. You can sit on a towel or a block to ease any strain on your knees.

Proper Breathing Techniques

In Yoga, proper breathing is just as important as each Asana. Some of the Asana’s require that you take a deep but comfortable breath inhaling and exhaling through your nose. Most positions specify relaxed breathing.

Just take several long, slow, deep breaths.

[important] A word about smoking! If you smoke, you're already compromising your physical fitness and libido. A Chinese study proves smoking is as bad for your sex life as it is for your body. The three-year, 700-person study found that within six months of quitting, 53.8% of smokers being treated for impotence reported that their “problems” had eased. If quitting is too difficult, at least try vaping. I recommend several excellent e-cigarette products that are tested for safety, such as those from VaporFi. [/important]

It’s OK to Modify Any Position to Fit Your Level of Fitness

Each Yoga Asana demonstrates the recommended number of repetitions, but it doesn’t mean you have to begin by doing all of them. Work your way up to the suggested number, or if that’s not possible, just go to where your body feels comfortable.  If any exercise is too strenuous, stop. You can always pick it up when you’re ready. You should feel like you are stretching and strengthening your muscles. Never go to pain! Remember, this is your Yoga practice.  It is not a competition.

Take breaks between the exercises for at least 30 seconds . Stay calm, focused and relaxed during breaks.

If you prefer, practice only a few of the active poses in a single exercise session and practice the others at another time. Work your way up to longer sessions that include all of the Asana’s listed here.

Begin With a Warm Up

There are many Yoga “warm up” exercises, but really, any gentle warm up that stretches your legs, arms, waist and back is appropriate for this practice. Begin by taking a few slow deep breaths and focus on the present, then proceed with some gentle twists and stretches. Do this for 3-5 minutes.

OK Gentlemen, Here Are The Yoga Positions!



Sit on the mat with your back straight.

Bend both the knees, bringing the soles of the feet together and place them as close to the crotch area as possible. Don’t worry if your knees do not touch the floor.

Hold the pose focusing on your inner thighs. Try to bring your knees closer to the floor to the point where you feel a gentle stretch. Breathe into the stretch. Relax. It’s advantageous to close your eyes. Sit in this position for at least 3 minutes and continue breathing.

This position tones the male sexual energy channels and organs.

Seated Forward Bend


yoga seated forward bend pose

Seated Forward Bend

Sit on the mat with your back straight, legs outstretched together in front of you. Lean forward and reach your arms toward your toes. Don’t lock your knees. Let your upper body relax and feel the stretch in the back of your legs and in your back. Do not overstretch. Take several long, deep breaths. If you are limber, you can grab your shins, ankles or toes. Hold this pose for up to 1 minute and return to an upright position. Repeat the move 3 times.

This exercise is excellent for increasing mobility and stimulating sexual energy.

Chair Pose


Yoga chair pose

Chair Pose

Basically, chair pose mimics the position of being seated in a chair, without the chair. You engage your thigh muscles and lift your arms straight up near your ears. It helps to keep your legs squeezed tightly together.

Hold the pose for 15 seconds while taking deep, slow breaths. Modify this pose for your own level of strength and endurance. Repeat 3 times and work up to 10 times.

This position also strengthens the leg muscles and moves the sexual energy up through your energy centers.

Runner’s Stretch or Lunge


Yoga Runners lunge pose

Runner's Stretch/Lunge

From a standing position, step your right leg forward a few feet, and bend your right knee keeping your left leg straight. Your knee should be at a right angle to the floor. Never allow your knee to extend past your ankle. Your arms can rest on your hips or if you need support, place them on either side of your right foot. Feel the stretch in your inner left leg and the strengthening in your right leg. Take 10 slow deep breaths as you hold the position.

Return to the standing position, and do the same on the other side, bringing your left foot forward into the lunge.

This position strengthens your pelvic floor and helps you maintain stamina and flexibility.


Cobra Pose


Yoga cobra pose

Copra Pose

Start on all fours with your arms about shoulder width, knees almost together. Lower your body but keep your front torso elevated. Your arms should be straight, elbows pointed toward your body. If you do not have neck problems, you can look up. If you feel any discomfort or pain in your lower back or abdominal muscles, modify this position by resting on your forearms for a more gentle lift.

Hold the cobra pose for 30 seconds or for as long as 3 minutes. Take long deep breaths.

The Cobra stimulates the male sexual energy centers for improved performance and vitality.

Yoga Child Pose

Yoga Child Pose

Relax your back, by resting for a minute or two in the Extended Child Pose as shown in the photo to the right.

Sat Kriya Pose

Sat Kriya Pose_

Sit back on your heels or feet, knees bent. If that’s too difficult, just remain on your knees. You may wish to pad your knees with a towel. Stretch your arms over your head. Ideally, your elbows should hug the side of your head, but if that’s not comfortable, just raise your arms as high as they will go. Interlace all your fingers except the index fingers which are pointed straight up. Cross one thumb over the other.

Close your eyes and begin the following series of contractions . If you wish, you can say “Sat” on the intake, and “Kriya” on the exhale.

The abdominal contraction begins with the focus on your navel. Inhale through your nose and quickly contract the stomach muscles around your navel along with the muscles of the rectum and the sex organ areas. This is called “root” lock.

Hold the breath for about a second, visualizing the movement of energy up from the buttocks, along the spine and out the top of your head . Exhale, release the lock and repeat two more times. Rest for a few seconds, and repeat. The exercise should be done for at least three minutes, working up to ten minutes. If your arms and legs get tired, take a short break, but do try to complete the 3 minutes of Sat Kriya.

This a very powerful pose for toning the male sexual organs and for dealing with sexual dysfunctions.

Frog Pose


Yoga Frog Pose

Frog Pose


This exercise is good for sexual health but it’s also good for toning and strengthening your leg muscles and getting your heart rate up.

If you have knee issues, skip this exercise. If you don’t have issues, but you feel your knees are beginning to ache, stop.  I also don’t recommend doing too many reps if you suffer from hemorrhoids! Remember to always stop and rest if you get light headed or dizzy.

Begin in a squat position, on your toes, with your feet apart and your heels together. Your arms and fingertips will help you to stay balanced.

Take a breath in through your nose and stand up as you lower your head towards your knees. You can lower your heels as you stand. Make sure your fingers remain touching the floor. It’s ok if you can’t straighten your legs completely. Now exhale.

You’ve just completed 1 repetition. Inhale as you being your next rep returning to the squat position.  Work your way up to at least 10 reps. Of course, you can do more if you feel you need a more challenging workout. Remember to breathe!

Plough Pose


The plough is a very powerful position, excellent for improving your entire sexual system but I recommend you do this pose slowly, making sure you do not strain your back, neck or hamstrings.

Begin on your back by drawing your knees to your chest. Roll backwards and allow your legs to extend past your head. Support your back with your hands.  Ideally your toes should touch the ground above your head, but only go to where you feel the stretch. Do not go to pain. Take long, deep breaths and hold the position from 1 to 3 minutes. If you get lightheaded, stop.

Rocking Pose

This pose is actually very relaxing. Sit on the front edge of your mat and tuck into a ball position with your knees bent and your arms wrapped around your shins. As you breathe normally, rock onto your back and roll back again to the seated position. Never roll onto your neck as this can cause injury. Continue rolling for 30 seconds working your way up to 1 minute.

This pose stimulates all your energy centers and tones your core muscles.

Bridge Pose


Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

Lie on your back and bring your feet as close to your buttocks as possible, knees bent. Lift your torso and press down on your feet. Tighten your thighs and buttocks. Try to lift your navel as high as possible. Hold the position for at least 30 seconds and work your way up to 3 minutes while doing the Breath of Fire. This is an intense position. When you have completed the set, slowly lower your back to the mat one vertebrae at a time until you are flat on your back with knees still bent. Repeat the exercise 3 times.

This pose energizes your pelvic muscles and strengthens your legs and core, moving the sexual energy from the base of your spine, through the top of your head.

Corpse Pose

Now it’s time to really relax. As the Asana suggests, you simply lay on your back like a dead man, eyes closed with your hands at your sides or on your chest. Breathe normally (unlike a corpse), and let your worries dissipate as you exhale. If you have been playing relaxing music, listen and let go. This rest position can last from 3 to 11 minutes.

End Your Yoga for Men Practice With a Cleansing Breath

Yoga for Men

Yoga for Men

Return to your cross-legged or half-lotus position, eyes closed. Center yourself for a few seconds, then take a cleansing breath as you stretch your arms overhead. Place your palms together and bring them to your heart. Repeat this move then thank yourself for a fine Yoga practice.

If you take a class in Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga, you will find that they include many of the Asana’s described here. This is simply a compilation of those specific Asanas that are excellent for improving the male libido and sexual health.

Although this article is about Yoga for men, I should add that women may benefit as well by sharing it with their partners!

Love and Good Health to You All – Namaste

Copyright CBH Promotions, 2018 all rights reserved.


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    • Jack Forbes on June 21, 2019 at 8:05 AM
    • Reply

    Hi Hillary, Amazing write-up. Yoga must become a daily routine for everyone for it’s immense benefits to human life. I am a daily practitioner of Yoga and can not tell how refreshed and energized I feel after an hour long session of it. It is helping me to boost my power, stamina and energy plus flexibility comes in by default.

    1. Glad you liked the post Jack and thanks for your kind words. Here’s to Yoga and all the amazing benefits.

    • Roy Parker on June 22, 2018 at 6:21 AM
    • Reply

    Does Yoga Really Help in Sexual Wellness? Yes, yoga can improve a person’s flexibility, self-esteem, awareness of self, and energy levels. It may come as a surprise to you, but yoga improves a person’s libido too.

    1. Thank you for your additional information Roy. It is no surprise that Yoga improves libido too.

    • Anton Lawrence on May 2, 2018 at 5:17 AM
    • Reply

    Yoga poses is the best remedy for all health issues. But It is recommended for erectile dysfunction problem because of it has no side effects as well as a natural way to overcome ED issue. So follow this poses in your daily routine and get rid of erectile dysfunction.

    • Cal on May 27, 2017 at 8:05 PM
    • Reply

    Here are alternative instructions for Sat Kriya.
    Posture is explained correctly.
    Close eyes and focus towards the third eye.
    Chant ‘Sat’ as you pull the navel inwards and upwards.
    Chant ‘Nam’ as you relax your navel.
    Don’t inhale on either chant – Don’t focus on breathing; it will happen naturally inbetween the chants.
    Chant about 8 ‘Sat Nam’ repetitions every 10 seconds.
    Don’t chant ‘kriya’ as stated in this article, it just won’t resonate the energy properly. It’s ‘Sat Nam’ pronounced more like ‘sut naam’.
    Continue chanting at a steady pace for the desired duration of the exercise. Don’t break the flow of the chanting.
    The chanting is essential to gain the benefits of this exercise. It’s not optional. If you don’t chant out loud, the benefits are greatly decreased – it’s the very core of this exercise.
    To end – Inhale then hold the breath for a few seconds while squeezing everythng from buttocks to top of head and mentally project the energy out of the top of the skull. Exhale and do the same with breath held out. Repeat this sequence if you wish.
    Then lay in corpse pose (flat on your back) and relax for the same duration as you spent doing the exercise. The relaxing is often when the magic happens – Don’t skip it! You might feel uneasy and foggy throughout the day if you do.

    It’s an amzing exercise with so many benefits!
    Take care.

      • My Blog on August 9, 2017 at 11:27 PM
      • Reply

      This is very interesting, You’re an excessively professional blogger.
      I have joined your feed and look forward to in search of extra of your excellent post.
      Additionally, I have shared your site in my social networks

      1. Thank you Cal. Namaste!

    • Sumeet on January 11, 2017 at 12:09 PM
    • Reply

    All information is good and helpfully but it’s should be in Hindi and English also in both language .

    1. I do know that the Chrome browser lets you select your preferred language so that should help. To change the default language in Google Chrome, click on the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then navigate to Settings –> Advanced Settings –> Language and input settings… –> Add; select your default language from the menu that pops up, then click “OK,” “Display Google Chrome in this language,” and “Done” to save your new settings.
      Hope that helps!

    • douglasl.fogg on October 5, 2016 at 7:30 PM
    • Reply

    thank you ,this type yoga seems very well, thank you there again,yoga fits me.thank you ms. miles

    • Teddy Flower on December 5, 2013 at 9:42 AM
    • Reply

    Since rest and relaxation are the key to lead a happy and fulfilling life, it is imperative to break stress patterns, take time-outs and breaks with your loved ones, or simply enjoy what you do help you have a happy and fulfilling sexual life. Once you learn how to relax and not be so intensely stressful, your body will react by relaxing and this can prolong ejaculation time.

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