Vaping, Viruses and Emergency Essentials

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

Vaping, Viruses and Emergency Essentials - Article

With the Advent of the COVID 19 Virus, Harm Reduction Now Means More to Vape Companies Than Just Selling Vape Products. It Means Selling Emergency Essentials; and Ordering is Easy.

If you’ve recently visited your favorite vape seller’s website, you may have discovered some unexpected products that have little to do with vaping. They do; however, fit into the ever-expanding category of “harm reduction”.

What is Harm Reduction?

While the term Harm Reduction is still evolving, it originally emerged as meaning policies, programs and practices that aim to minimize “negative health, social and legal impacts associated with drug use, drug policies and drug laws”.  

The Vaping Industry Has a New Directive

The Vaping industry has always been about Tobacco Harm Reduction, encouraging a safer alternative to smoking and tobacco use. 

Today, with the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus, a few vape companies have joined the fight to flatten the curve. They are now manufacturing life-saving products to combat the pandemic.

Helping Dwindling Supply Levels

If you’ve searched for face masks, gloves or sanitizing wipes on-line, you may have discovered that those products are out of stock.. even on the largest suppliers’ websites.

We are now learning that two vape companies have taken up the slack, and have converted part of their vape juice labs to making hand sanitizers, face masks and gloves.  


Great Place to Get High Quality Face Masks and More

Apollo vapes now sells masks, gloves and those hard-to-find alcohol wipes.

Button Headband Holder - a useful Emergency Essential

Button Headband Holder from Apollo

They even sell a Button Headband Holder which covers the ears, providing relief from face mask support. This item comes in a pack of 4 and there are 8 colors from which to choose.


Order All Emergency Essentials From Apollo. Use Code RESCUE for 15% off (limited time only)


Conclusion: Staying safe isn’t just about locking the front door, buckling up your seatbelt or switching from cigarettes to vaping. It’s about keeping yourself and those near you, safe from the coronavirus. 

If you’re have trouble finding emergency essentials, they are available from a few trusted vape companies. Just use the link on this page to get to those suppliers.

Thanks for visiting Cloud Nine Ecig Reviews. Be well and stay safe!

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