Smoking Cigarettes and Weight Loss

Last updated on December 13th, 2021

Smoking Cigarettes and Weight Loss

Smoking Cigarettes and Weight Loss


Why is Smoking Linked with Weight Loss?

Many smokers are under the impression that smoking helps them to lose weight, or it at least it prevents them from gaining weight. For similar reasons, many fear they will gain weight if they quit smoking cigarettes. I surely do not advocate smoking, but those ideas about smoking cigarettes and weight loss are not entirely incorrect.

There is a definite connection between smoking and weight loss, but you may be surprised to learn that cigarette smoke does not directly burn calories or fat deposits. Other things are at play here.

One known fact is that the act of smoking diverts people from eating. I do know a few people who manage to smoke and eat at the same time. They'll also eat just about anything tasty or not, but that's another article.

What I'm getting at is that smoking often becomes a substitute for eating.  Tobacco smoke kills your appetite because your taste buds and sense of smell are dulled and distracted. 

Nicotine Plays a Big Part  

Nicotine, that infamous ingredient found in cigarettes, (and many vegetables) is in fact an appetite suppressant. It lowers insulin, increases adrenaline and gives you the sensation that you are not hungry. In addition, nicotine increases your metabolism slightly. 

Nicotine is the only ingredient among the over 4,000 ingredients in a single tobacco cigarette that has that effect. The other ingredients are either carcinogenic or do nothing to facilitate weight loss. 

While considered as harmless as a cup of coffee, nicotine is addicting in much the same way caffeine is addicting. It is the addictive characteristic that gives nicotine a bad reputation.

You CAN Quit Smoking and Still Lose Weight!

Giving up tobacco cigarettes is stressful enough. Trying to lose weight at the same time just adds to the stress and that can lead to other undesired habits such as eating. Exercise and diet can help, but there are powerful alternative products such nicotine substitutes and e-cigarettes that offer the benefits of nicotine without the harmful ingredients in tobacco cigarettes.

How Can Electronic, or E-Cigarettes Help to Prevent Weight Gain When You Quit Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes can contain nicotine (if you order filters containing nicotine). They act in the same way tobacco products work. They aid in weight loss. 

The sensation of smoking (vaping) an e- cigarette can also help get you through the really difficult side effects of quitting – the programmed behavior of smoking.

Another advantage of smoking e-cigarettes is that you can reduce the amount of nicotine you “vape”  by gradually moving to lower nicotine e-cigarette cartridges. That's a lot easier than cutting back on the number of regular cigarettes you smoke.

You Can Lose Weight Without the Nicotine!

Recently BBC Radio featured several guests who reportedly lost weight by using e-cigarettes without nicotine. The trick was to choose sweet or fruity ejuice flavors which helped them to cut down on sweet cravings to control weight.

There's No Better Time to Get Healthy

E-cigarette companies are becoming more popular and more competitive. They offer dramatic discounts on products, especially around holidays.

So, If you’re ready to quit smoking cigarettes, and you are on a weight loss program, take heart. Follow a workable exercise and diet regimen and know that there are safe ways to keep your metabolism from slowing down and safer, more pleasant alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes. 

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