The Best Gift for the Smoker in Your Life

Last updated on December 13th, 2021

Sexy woman smoking ecigarette A Great Gift for Smokers

The popular smoking alternative, e-cigarettes, is a great gift for smokers (and their families) who agree that smoking indoors is unpleasant. E-cigarettes make for a welcome change over tobacco cigarettes, which are smelly and produce unhealthful second-hand smoke.

Face it, cigarette smoke is not only hard on non-smokers at home, the tar in cigarettes, stains everything within your home from your fabrics to your computer to your TV screens.  Although it is rarely easy to demand that the smoker in your life quit smoking, many smokers will agree to smoking e-cigarettes at home and in their fact, they almost always enjoy the experience.

Why Not Give the Gift of Clean Air?

E-cigarette starter kits make a wonderful gift and they’re reasonably priced. E- cigarettes are tobacco free, smoke free and flame free. They create no unpleasant tobacco smell and everyone at home (including your pets) can breathe a little easier.

All vaping products produce water vapor instead of smoke when the e-cig is inhaled. The vapor looks like smoke, but tobacco is never burned or released into the air. The vapor is made up of water, propylene glycol (an FDA approved food additive), flavoring and nicotine (if desired). Most electronic cigarette companies, let you choose the level of nicotine you desire. You can even order them without nicotine. The vapor produced is just as abundant as a full nicotine e-cigarette.

Imagine a cigarette that produces no smell, no ash, no flame, no tar, nothing offensive or harmful to the environment. Imagine no more foul smoke, bad breath, excessive dry cleaning bills and higher than usual heating/ac bills. You even save money on cigarettes because e-cigarettes cost less than traditional cigarettes.

Traditional e-cigs typically provide the smoker with up to 200 puffs of smoke-like vapor per cartridge. That's equivalent to up to 30 traditional cigarettes, or 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. A basic e-cigarette starter kit retails for about $35. Some models work with either pre-filled cartridges (which are disposable) or cartridges that let you add your own e-liquid.

E-cigarettes are also a great gift because they don’t contain the 4000+ carcinogens of traditional cigarettes and because tobacco smokers get a satisfying alternative. New Year's resolutions will become easier to keep!

A Great Gift For Smokers and for the Earth

Electronic cigarettes are a sustainable product. The batteries and atomizers last for many uses and the cartridges can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling. Obviously this is not the case with tobacco cigarettes. Check out this photo of 300 (used) tobacco cigarettes! cigarette butts and packs

Cigarette filters wind up in landfills, and it takes hundreds of years before they decompose. Those 300 butts are the equivalent amount of just 5 e-cigarette cartridges. E-cigarette cartridges are made of #2 plastic, which is recyclable. That’s great if you’re a green-conscious consumer.

So make Christmas, or any day, a day to celebrate life and a smoke-free living environment. Give someone an e-cigarette starter kit. Vaporfi has great prices on vaporizersOverwhelmed by the many styles and brands of e-cigarettes? Check out our Best Selling E-Cigarette Comparison Chart. 


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