Unique Electronic Gifts for Dads and Granddads

Last updated on December 13th, 2021

Thinking of great electronic gifts In springtime, right after Mother's Day, most of us are faced with finding the perfect special gift for Father's Day . Then, in the autumn, we start searching all over again for that perfect Christmas or Hanukkah gift for Dad or Granddad. It's a daunting task that can easily wear down even the most devoted daughters and sons. Perhaps I had a unique Dad, or perhaps I'm just a pompous snob, but I do get offended when my web searches deliver so many lame and often offensive gifts for Fathers.

If you've had it with tacky ties, trashy shot glasses and ridiculous beer hats, you must check out these more sophisticated, unconventional electronic gifts for Dads and Granddads. They're great for  Father's Day, birthdays, holiday gifts and special occasions too.


1. The Gift of Relaxation
2. Give the Gift of Remembrance
3. The Gift of Communication
4. The Gift of Health

1. Electronic Games to Help Dad Relax

Most computer game systems offer programs that are challenging, intense and fun, but frankly the X-Box and PlayStation venues are designed mostly for the younger crowd eager for those heart palpitating thrills. If your Dad is under 30, never mind my dissing those systems, but don't stop reading.

There is a relatively new gaming system for Dad that can actually help him chill out and relax. I would venture to guess, even Dads under 30 can appreciate that notion. It's called, Journey to the Wild Divine gaming system. You hook up the system to the computer – and hook up dad to an EKG-type finger monitor. Pop in a DVD and Dad's on his way to higher consciousness. Don't laugh, (I hear you); these pseudo-psychedelic journey games are really cool, fun, and they work. The sophisticated graphics, music and guided imagery are not only beautiful, they are powerful bio-feedback tools that help one to achieve greater concentration skills, meditative abilities, methods of relaxation and even self-healing. The Wild Divine games may be beautiful and relaxing, but each is as challenging as any super-hero action game. You do have to complete levels of achievement before you “win”. The bio-feedback system is priced on par with an X-box system and the individual games cost about $25 each. To learn more about this great gift for Dad, visit Wilddivine.com

2. The Gift of Remembrance

Now there is a unique gift for Dad' and Granddads where you can honor your loved one if they have passed away. It's called Remembered.com. This site lets you create and maintain an online memorial website for your loved ones. It's an easy-to-use platform for keeping your cherished memories alive.

There is no cost for adding your loved one's information to Remembered.com. The site guides members through the process of creating a biography and uploading photos. Friends and family can also contribute to the site.

3. The Gift of Clean Air (for the whole family) – Electronic Cigarettes

e-cigarette with a green tipHere's that brilliant invention that is taking the world by storm and is ruffling a few feathers (or should I say “leaves”) from the tobacco industry. It's the electronic cigarette and it is a great unconventional gift for all Dads and Granddads who are smokers.

Many people purchase electronic cigarettes to help them quit smoking, but e-cigarette companies do not market their products as smoking cessation devices. Rather, they are promoted as a smoking alternative that doesn't produce any combustible smoke, flame or nasty smell.

Electronic cigarettes are an effective alternative for smokers who would rather not quit or have tried to quit unsuccessfully with nicotine patches and other pharmaceuticals. What's more, now you can tell Dad it's OK to smoke in the house, in the car and in many non-smoking establishments without repercussion from family members or anyone else who thinks smoking is bad for people and the environment. I recommend you get Dad a great ecig starter kit.





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    • gift ideas on January 15, 2013 at 4:13 AM
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    Thanks for sharing gift ideas. I was looking a gift for my Dad on parents day. Your post are very helpful to select the best gift for my Lovely Dad. Thanks a lot. please share some best gifts for Mom also.

    1. @ gift ideas we’re so glad you found this helpful! and yes, we do plan to include gifts for mom’s in an upcoming post. Hope you”ll check back or just subscribe to savyexaminer at bottom of page.

  1. Susie -I know what you mean..Hopefully some of these ideas will help!

    • Susie86 on February 10, 2012 at 5:29 AM
    • Reply

    Some great ideas there. I find it infuriating buying gifts for my husband, he always claims that there is nothing he wants.

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