Why Quitting Smoking is So Difficult

Last updated on August 10th, 2022

Is There An Easier Way to Quit Smoking?

It's hard to quit smoking You know you want to quit smoking. Everyone in your family wants you to quit. Your breath smells bad, your clothes need dry cleaning after every use, you’ve got kids who think it’s okay to smoke because you do it. 

So why is it so difficult to quit smoking? 

Most people think they continue to smoke because it relaxes them. Actually, it’s been proven that the chemicals in cigarette smoke can act as a stimulant, so that excuse can only get you into an argument.

Some people claim they smoke because they’re bored, but we all know there are far more productive ways to offset boredom. 

What about nicotine? Yes, nicotine is addictive and contributes to your smoking habit, but nicotine is also found in many foods. How many people do you know who are addicted to tomatoes or eggplant? If you ingest lower levels of nicotine you won’t suffer from nicotine addiction.

The fact is, the very act of picking up a cigarette on “cue”, such as talking on the phone, having a cocktail, finishing a meal, contributes significantly to the habit of smoking.

What Are Some of Ways to Combat the Habits of Smoking?

In order to effectively combat your smoking habit, you need to replace the actual (and perceived) needs you fulfill by smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Here are just a couple of suggestions on how to fulfill them in creative ways in order to stop smoking cigarettes:

So You Need to Relax –

If you smoke to relax there are better, more effective way to do so. 

1 – You can start practicing meditation exercises. 

2- You can take yoga classes. It will even improve your libido.  

3- You can do some breathing exercises, which does reduce stress and anxiety.

4- You can get a series of massages. They don’t allow you to smoke during a massage session.

All jokes aside, all of the above methods have been proven to be powerful tools for relaxation and stress reduction. 

How to Deal with Boredom

What are you passionate about? Do you have a favorite sport or a hobby? Do you like to read mysteries? How about writing? Blogging is great fun and it can even be profitable. Do you like to collect things? ( That can be profitable too! ) Do you like to draw or paint? Are you addicted to your computer?  Start thinking about the times you've been engrossed in a pleasurable activity and the time flew by. It’s a great way to start dealing with boredom.

Don’t Do the Following While Trying to Quit Smoking

1- Don’t go to a party where they still allow people to smoke. (Of course, that may be hard to find).

2- Don’t watch old episodes of ‘Mad Men’. 

3- Don’t fall for low-tar cigarettes. They reduce only a few of the harmful chemicals. Some critics say they really don’t reduce any of them.

What If You Enjoy the Act of Smoking So Much, You Think Giving it Up Would Take a Great Joy Out of Your Life?

Many long-time smokers, even those who know they should quit, use the above statement as the primary reason they find quitting so difficult. 

There Is A Revolutionary Solution 

If you don't feel you want to stop smoking, or if the idea of going cold turkey is too difficult to even imagine, or if you want to smoke at parties, there is a great alternative.  It's vaping electronic cigarettes.

Smoking cessation rate with ecigarettes

E-cigarettes are like regular cigarettes because some models have the same shape and size as regular cigarettes. Most important is the concept that the product provides a way for smokers to stick with the behavioral aspect of smoking while completely removing the many harmful toxins and other chemicals present in traditional cigarettes.

It’s why the industry has exploded over the past few years. There’s no harmful tobacco, smoke, flame, ash or smell and the experience is so similar to the real thing, people are using e-cigarettes to combat their addiction to tobacco cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes also offer different levels of nicotine, so you can satisfy your cravings yet, you can cut down on nicotine by buying lower nicotine flavor filters over time.

If you have tried patches, gum and/or pharmaceutical drugs to stop smoking and have failed, it may be because you are not addressing your psychological need to perform the movements of smoking a cigarette. 

E-cigarettes allow you to go through the motions without inhaling the harmful toxins found in regular cigarettes. Are they completely safe? We may never know the answer to that question. Is breathing smog 100% safe? Is driving your automobile?

What we do know is that they are less toxic than tobacco cigarettes and that more doctors are recommending e-cigarettes to their patients who smoke.  

If you’re ready to give it a try, have a look at Cloud Nine’s Best Selling Electronic Cigarette Comparison Chart. It clearly outlines the basic features and costs of the best selling brands. 

Good luck and Happy Vaping!

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