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Last updated on July 3rd, 2022

Hundreds of Exotic Flavors, Diacetyl-Free US Made E-Liquids and Custom E-Liquid Shots

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The sister company of top selling South Beach SmokeVaporFi has always been one of our favorites and I've reviewed scores of e-cigarette and e-liquid brands. They have scores of high performance vaporizers, vape pens, mods and pod vape devices, but what has always put VaporFi over the top is their customizable e-liquids where you mix your own flavors and intensities or “shots”. Of course, you can still choose your preferred level of nicotine – from a strong 24% down to 6%.

Choosing VaporFi E-Liquids – Give it a Shot or Two

When you custom blend your e-liquids, you select one, two or even three flavors from VaporFi's extensive flavor line up.

You can also choose one flavor with a double shot of another so you're also choosing your flavor intensity. Each bottle clearly displays both the nicotine level and the flavor intensity. The label tells you how much nicotine was used before adding the flavoring to it. For example, 2.4% unflavored nicotine was used before adding the flavoring of your choice, which then, dilutes the nicotine to 1.2% for your preferred strength. Your actual flavor is listed on a sticker on the bottom of the bottle. 

VaporzFi E-Liquids

More Flavor Combinations Than Any Other E-liquid Company

VaporFi Custom Blends

Only a Small Selection of VaporFi's Custom Blends

With so many e-liquids from which to choose, the combinations are endless! Actually, you've got almost 30,000 possible combinations and with flavors such as Amaretto Surprise, Root Beer and Energy Drink (to name only three), you'll be tempted to buy several.

You can view all VaporFi flavors if you dare. I've already developed a bad case of e-liquid lust, but why not splurge?  One 30ml bottle will last you for as long it takes a smoker to get through 20 packs of cigarettes.

There are many flavor categories, and they're all 100% pure, US made, safety tested and certified Kosher. 

Too Many Choices? Afraid of Messing Up? No Problem!

VaporFi has a page that lists flavors by category including Tobacco, Menthol, Fruit, Dessert, Chocolate, and Tropical.

Hate messing with e-liquids? Just order one of VaporFi's pre-filled cartridges. They fit on all the VaporFi Express batteries. You won't get all those exotic flavors, but the pre-filled carts are still made with the finest (and safest) U.S. made e-liquids.

Regarding E-Liquid Safety

All of Vaporfi's e-liquids are free of dangerous chemicals such as diacetyl, acetoin and acetyl propionyl.  VaporFi's website now makes it very clear that they use third party testing of their e-liquids. What's more, Vaporfi has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Their lab is registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer.

Really Helpful Instructional Videos

Sometimes I find the instruction manuals that come with e-cigarette kits don't give you enough information, especially if you're new to filling a cartomizer with e-liquid. VaporFi is one of the few e-cigarette companies that has a whole page of helpful instructional videos specific to the model you choose. Just look under the Guides Tab.

One hint I always share when it comes to e-liquids is to open the bottle and let the juice steep for at least a day to achieve full flavor.

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    • STeve on December 9, 2015 at 10:40 AM
    • Reply

    Are these e-liquids also free of harmful chemicals?

    1. Yes they have been tested independently according to Vaporfi.

        • Help on December 13, 2015 at 5:38 PM
        • Reply

        How strong are the flavor shots? what if i were to just pick one liquid and put in say 2-3 shots?

        1. That’s hard to answer, since taste is so subjective. Also the nicotine level and PG to VG ratio can affect the intensity of the flavor. Your type of vaporizer setting affects flavor too! I suggest going with 2 shots and a 50/50 PG/VG ratio to start. Don’t buy a large size bottle of eliquid since you’re testing out your own preference. Good luck and happy vaping!

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