Side Effects of Quitting Smoking

Last updated on December 13th, 2021

side effects of quitting smoking
You’re ready to quit smoking. You’re tired of the smell; the inconvenience of no-smoking zones, the serious health problems linked to smoking tobacco cigarettes. What’s more, your family is tired of living in a smoke filled environment. But what about the side effects of quitting? Can you handle it?  How will it affect you?

Here’s the Good Part about Quitting Smoking

When you stop smoking your body reacts immediately .

  1. Your blood pressure starts dropping to normal levels. 
  2. Carbon monoxide (one of the deadliest ingredients in traditional cigarettes) begins to leave your bloodstream in as little as 10 hours. 
  3. In about two days, oxygen levels increase, circulation improves, the risk of heart attack from smoking declines, and your sense of smell and taste improve dramatically.
  4. Within the next few weeks, bronchial tubes relax and you feel even more energetic. 
  5. Within 3-9 months, respiration and breathing improve dramatically.
  6. Within 5 years of stopping smoking your risk of stroke may return to that of a non-smoker, 
  7. Ten years from stopping smoking your risk of lung cancer reduces to the same risk as a non-smoker.
  8. In 15 years the risk of heart attack post quitting smoking will be the same as a non-smoker.

Here’s the Tough Part

When you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, you will most likely experience side effects from the lack of nicotine in your body.

Nicotine withdrawal can include:

  1. Feeling irritable
  2. Feeling nervous
  3. Feeling tired
  4. Feeling deprived or depressed

In addition, the act of smoking a cigarette has most likely become a programmed activity that’s been linked with another activity such as drinking alcohol, talking on the phone or finishing a meal. 

Many agree that this programmed behavior that is the toughest habit to break.

Here’s The Best News in Years 

Traditional quit smoking medications such as nicotine patches and other drugs are out there, but they may not be effective in helping smokers to overcome programmed activities paired with the act of smoking a cigarette. What's more, some drugs have dangerous side effects .

Although electronic cigarettes are not approved as a smoking cessation device by the FDA, getting through the side effects of quitting smoking are easier for millions of former smokers with e-cigarettes. They give the user the sensation of smoking without the over 4,000 harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. There’s no smoke, ash, smell or fire potential. 

You can choose an electronic cigarette with a specific nicotine strength, but the device comes without the tars, chemicals and other harmful additives of cigarettes. 

The nicotine will help in the way patches and gums help. The sensation of smoking a cigarette helps get you through the really hard part of quitting – the programmed behavior. 

You can reduce the amount of nicotine you “vape”  by moving to lower nicotine e- cigarette cartridges. 

You can remove yourself further from the tobacco experience by choosing filter cartridges in pleasant food or fruit flavors such as mint, chocolate, vanilla or mocha, to name only a few of the hundreds of flavors now available.

E Cigarette Flavors

Mint, Spearmint, Cherry, Chocolate, Mocha, Vanilla Flavors

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Don’t allow the side effects of quitting smoking deter you from your goal. Consider all available options including a strong support group, and nicotine alternatives. 

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