How To Get the Most Out of Your E-Cigarette Experience

Last updated on December 13th, 2021

Tips for a Successful Vaping Experience

E-Cigarettes have become increasingly popular for many reasons. They are the socially responsible way to smoke and the best E-Cigarette Brands, like VaporFi and South Beach Smoke offer a truly satisfying alternative to tobacco smoking. But are you sure you're getting the most out of your electronic cigarette experience? Will you successfully become an ex-smoker? Just follow these smart tips.

Discover Flavored Cartridges and E-Liquids

ecig cartridges and flavor sources

Perhaps you have been using one of the many tobacco flavored cartridges. While some find them remarkably similar to true tobacco flavor, others find they are simply an acceptable substitute; still others find the *not really tobacco* flavor unacceptable.

Many happy ex-smokers find that flavored e-cigarette filters are a better alternative to smoking tobacco because they do not compete with the tobacco smoking experience. In other words, there’s no judging and comparing “real” and “synthetic” tobacco flavors. Chocolate, Mocha, Vanilla and the scores of other flavors now offered by the most popular e-cigarette companies are a new, totally satisfying experience. Of course all e-cigs let you choose your preferred nicotine level.

Find out where to buy e-liquids at are diacetyl-free.  

Always Keep a Spare Battery Charged!

Did you know that the vapor volume and flavor of your smokeless e-cigarette may not be as strong as it should be if your battery is low on charge? It’s a good idea to charge your battery before it runs down.  Keep a second battery, fully charged and ready to go before you need to charge your first battery. Most e-cigarette companies offer starter kits with a spare battery.

Here's a battery safety note: E-cigarettes are not like cell phones that can stay on the charger long after they are charged. Don’t over-charge your e-cig battery, or it can reduce the life of the battery.    

Save Money With Economical Cartridge Renewal Programs

Don’t run out of your e-cigarette cartridges or vape pods! Sign up for your e-cigarette’s automatic renewal program, and you'll get a discount on all purchases. 

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