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Last updated on December 9th, 2021

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We’re Looking for Guest Authors Who Write About Vaping! 

Since 2010, Cloud Nine Ecig Reviews has been a trusted source for quality vaping reviews, health-related news, and product tutorials. 

We’re always looking for Guest Authors who support tobacco harm reduction and want to share their knowledge. We know guest authorship is a great way to reach thousands of new readers.

Cloud Nine is happy to publish your articles, but before you submit a post to us for review, please read these guidelines and important considerations to ensure that your article gets approved for publication.

We accept articles from the following categories:

  • Vaping news, commentary and helpful information related to tobacco harm reduction, vaping and health
  • E-cigarette and vapor product safety
  • Product and vape company reviews
  • Product tutorials
  • Answers to ecig frequently asked questions
  • Other “How To’s” – Getting the most out of vaping
  • E-cig humor

Guest Author Guidelines

  1. First, check out our site to see if your subject has already been covered.
  2. We only accept high quality content that is relevant to our website.
  3. Your post must be expertly written by you, (not a company).
  4. You should be able to show us that you have a track record of writing great content. We require links to articles you have written.
  5. Your voice should be informative and entertaining.
  6. The post's structure must contain subheadings with your topic's keywords, lively images (about 3 or 4), and it should be easy to navigate. 
  7. Your articles should be a minimum of 950 words and cover the topic in detail.
  8. All submissions must be original and must be written by authors specifically for the Cloud Nine audience. That means your article should not appear on any other website.
  9. If your images are not in the public domain, credit the source.
  10. Articles should include external links to other quality articles or research, when they are relevant and add value to your post. Those Sources May Include:
  • News quotes and articles
  • Scientific reports or statements
  • Health agency statements
  • Supporting statements from suppliers or vaping experts

1 – Your guest article will help you continue to build a name for yourself as an expert on vaping and will help you grow and expand your readership. We do not allow backlinks to most vaping commercial websites, nor do we permit your site or affiliate links to appear within posts. We do; however, have a prominent author box that appears directly after your article. The box includes your photo, bio, and can include a link your Blog or a non-competitive website. We may also allow links to your social media page.

2 – Authors must have a Gravatar (a globally unique avatar) so your photo will show up in the author box and on comments. Don't have one? Setting up a Gravatar is easy. Just visit the official site.

Regarding Copyright

You give us copyright ownership of the post if it is published on Cloud Nine. We reserve the right to edit and update the material as needed including placing links to other related products and articles. It also helps us to deal with any DMCA related issues.


Sharing and Social Media

We’ll do some of this, but the more you can do the better. Share your post on social media and send out newsletters from MailChimp. The more readers you get, the more visitors you will get to your blog and social media platforms.

Ready to Submit an Article?

Here are some tips that will help ensure your article will be accepted on cloudnineecigreviews:

1 – Our most popular articles contain a fresh, detailed perspective on the subject matter. If your information is just a rehash of what has already out there, it has little value. Check your competition. 

2 – When planning your blog post, remember, if people don’t like the title, they won’t read the rest of your post!

3 – You’re better off submitting timeless content rather than something which will only be relevant for a week.

4- Use Sub-Headings within the post that contain your keywords. Do not use long paragraphs. Break them up into 1 to 3 sentences at a time.

Send an email to our editor describing your guest post idea and some information about yourself and your blog or website (if you own one). We’ll get back to you quickly.

Thanks for your interest in writing for CloudNineECigReviews. 

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