F.D.A. Announces New Date for ECigarette Regulations to Take Effect

Last updated on December 22nd, 2022

FDA sets ecig regulations 2016

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This is the latest article (as of Dec., 2022).

On July, 28th, 2017 the F.D.A. updated deeming regulations on e-cigarettes and tobacco products.

Ecig advocacy groups claimed a victory as the date set for the filing of vapor products has been moved to August, 2022. Although the FDA now recognizes the value of vaping; acknowledging that ecigs are far safer than tobacco cigarettes., the fight is not over. 

Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) said there are still those self-serving agencies and political factions who seek to destroy all tobacco related products; even those that save lives.

Too much of the current legislative and regulatory efforts are born out of fear and misinformation.” 

Here Are Some Questions You May Have – Along With the Answers:

Q –Will I still be able to purchase vaping products after regulations go into effect?

A – Consumers will still be able to purchase their favorite e-cigarettes. Vaping has not, and will not be banned.

Q – Won’t most e-cig companies go out of business because the F.D.A. product reviews will cost millions of dollars?

A – This is a major concern for e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers. Although ecig companies in operation after 2007 must provide the F.D.A. with detailed (and very costly) reports about their products, companies will now have 5 years to comply. That's a long time.  With e-cigarettes becoming more widely accepted as a powerful and safer smoking alternative, those negative aspects of filing approval change in favor of the vaping industry.

We believe the most popular and successful ecig companies will prevail. Most have been aware of deeming regulations for years and are prepared to comply with regulations. We have seen companies such as International Vapor (makers of Vaporfi) streamline their product lines in anticipation of F.D.A. regulations and compliance. That’s not to say e-cigarettes will always remain at 2017 price levels; however, for the time being, current and new vapers will still be able to purchase their favorite ecig products and more importantly, many lives will be saved.

Q – What about e-liquids? Will I still be able to purchase my favorite flavors?

A – E-liquid flavors, including fruit and dessert flavors will continue to be a hotly debated subject. The FDA wants the current stalemate on this topic to end and has promised to review more scientific studies on the subject. So far the results favor vapers and Tobacco Harm Reduction. 

Q – What about other restrictions?

A – E-cigarettes and vaping products may only be sold to adults over the age of 21. This widely anticipated law has already been mandated in many states.

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