Ecigarette Cartridge Subscriptions – Are they Worth It?

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

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How Good are Ecigarette Auto Ship Programs?

Some e-cigarette companies offer cartridge and e-liquid Subscription Services. That means you can sign up and receive a shipment of ecig Cartridges, Cartomizers, Eliquids and even vaporizer Atomizers at regular intervals.

Your credit card is charged automatically and a fresh new pack of carts, jar of ejuice or pack of atomizers is delivered to you before you ever run out of your favorite brand.

But Are These Programs Really Worth It?

First off, Auto Ship and Home Delivery programs are actually few and far between. For those companies that do, here are the benefits and drawbacks of those programs.

If you need more details, just click on the links provided in this article. I found it to be a real chore finding these discount programs on the respective company websites.

Here's the Good Part About Ecigarette Cartridges Auto-Ship Subscriptions

If you’re a happy vaper who has found a company with products you enjoy, you will save money, time and effort with all Auto Ship and Home Delivery Programs. Although different ecig companies charge different prices for their cartridges and eliquids, in all programs your savings increase with the quantity of your order. In all cases:

  • You’ll never run out of fresh cartridges and won’t be tempted to smoke cigarettes instead.
  • You don’t have to keep track of your cartridge or ejuice supply.
  • With the one company that does offer replacements on vaporizer Atomizers, you won’t be without a fresh atty when your eliquid starts tasting burnt.
  • You don’t have to spend any time re-ordering on-line and waiting for your new cartridges, eliquid or atomizers to be delivered.
Ecigarette Auto Delivery Vaporfi

VapofFi Home Delivery Program

  •  Almost all the big companies including South Beach Smoke and Vaporfi let you change the frequency of your deliveries. Typically you can get a delivery in as early as once every week or as infrequently as every 6 months.
  • All companies let you choose (and change as necessary) the quantity of your scheduled orders so you can never wind up short or overstocked.

Here's and example of Vapofi's auto ship program for both cartridges and e-liquids.

  • 20% Off VaporFi Express Cartridges
  • 10% Off All Other Items
  • Private Sales Events for members
  • Set Your Own Delivery Frequency and Quantities
  • No Commitment – Cancel Anytime

What are the Downsides?

  • You may not be vaping as often as you planned, so you may not need the cartridges that come automatically. You will have to decide whether to continue vaping, adjust your delivery schedule, or cancel your subscription.
  • There may be some minor inconveniences and/or penalties from some ecig companies for canceling your subscription (such as only being able to cancel by phone).
  • Although you’ll receive emails about special discounts and offers from which you can benefit, they will most likely not be included as part of your automatic order. Also, if you gain Loyalty Points with your on-line orders, you can’t apply them without halting your auto-ship program temporarily.
  • You may decide to use another e-cigarette flavor cartridge that is not compatible with your current ecig battery.
  • Most companies reserve the right to change the program prices and terms at any time, without prior notice to you.

So Is It Worth Joining?

In my opinion, the benefits of these programs do outweigh the drawbacks. According to South Beach Smoke, 97% of their customers sign up for their Home Delivery Program. It does make sense considering you can save money and you can always cancel these programs without penalty.

Do you have an e-cigarette subscription service? If yes, do you think it’s worth it? Please share your opinions with our readers by commenting below!

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    • Carolyn Hargrove on January 5, 2017 at 5:09 PM
    • Reply

    I smoke blu and mistic ecigarette ca have you had trouble with them

      • Stephen S. on January 6, 2017 at 10:15 AM
      • Reply

      I stopped buying those drugstore brands since there are so many better tasting and higher quality ecigs now on the market. First switched to regular V2 cigs then got their “fill-your-own” style ExSeries Kit. There’s a good review on this website.

      1. Good advice Stephen! I added a quick link to the V2 website :)

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