E-Cigarette Cases- Ratings and Reviews for V2

Last updated on December 30th, 2022


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E-Cigarette Case Ratings & Reviews for V2 Ecig cases iphone and soft case

Popular Ecig company V2 now offers customers two styles of vape carrying cases for their e-cigarettes and accessories. Here's our review of the V2's Soft Case and the iPhone Case.

There was once a time when V2 had several styles of carrying cases, including a metal case and one that charges your ecig. Most have been discontinued. Even one of the current cases has limitations.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Vape Carrying Case?

Apart from the style and glam of carrying your electronic cigarettes in a handsome case, it's convenient. You've got a special place to keep your e-cigarettes and they will be easier to transport, and to find!

As mentioned above, V2 Cigs offers two varieties of e-cigarette cases: A soft styled zippered case and one that attaches to an iPhone. 

We’ll Review the Soft Case First.

V2 soft carry case

The Soft Case is the most practical of the two offered by V2. For those who want to have a safely enclosed, fully charged battery and a fresh e-liquid cartridge at hand, it is an ideal solution. This style is also roomier than hard cases. What's more, you can even use it as a wallet as there's a hidden sleeve for bills or credit cards.

The case was designed for V2 cigs, but really, any cig-alike type ecig and standard e-liquid cartridges will fit into this handy vape holder.

The material may be soft, but it's also sturdy; in fact, V2 claims it is the strongest of it's kind on the market.

The V2 Soft Case holds three ecig batteries (all sizes) and 4 cartridges.  There’s even room for a battery with the cartridge attached. Many cases only hold separated batteries and cartridges.

There’s even a little velcro-closing pouch that holds your USB charger, or any other accessory.

Measuring 6.5″L x 2.75″W x 1″D, it is available in 3 attractive color combinations: 

  • Black exterior with Red interior
  • Midnight Blue exterior with Silver interior
  • Silver exterior with Midnight Blue interior

v2 soft case closed

This case is designed to carry your vapes and accessories. It zips closed nicely and there's a metal ring for hooking it securely to a any clasp.

I'm not a big fan of in-your-face “designer” logos and there's a prominent metal V2 logo on the outside of the case.

Thumbs Up graphic Here are the Pros of the V2 Soft Case:  

  • Good material and design.
  • Holds all V2 e-cigarette sizes including filters and charger.
  • Mini Velcro-sealed pocket holds additional accessories and a hidden sleeve stores away. essentials like credit cards or cash.
  • Great for travel or storing your e-cigs at home.

Thumbs Down graphic Here are the Cons of the V2 Soft Case: 

  • Case tends to be a bit bulky for placing in a jacket or pants pocket.
  • If you like to use sanitary rubber tips, they do not fit in the case if they're already on the cartridges. Best to store them in the pouch.
  • V2 Logo is a bit prominent for my taste.

Wrapping Up This Review

If you're looking for a carry case for your traditionally styles e-cigarettes, the V2 Soft Case is a nice value.


Here’s Our Review of the V2 iPhone Carry Case:

If you're one of the remaining few who still use an iPhone 5 or 5S, this case is great for holding both ecigs and credit cards. The V2 iPhone case holds all lengths of V2 batteries. There's also room for an additional cartridge.

Wondering if it will work with any other mobile phone? When I contacted V2 I was told that it does not; however, V2 is developing a new version that will be compatible with newer iPhones. When it is released, I'll update this post.

It's sure to have at least the same features, including the sturdy plastic casing that holds your vapes, credit cards or business cards.

If this model works for you, it can offer some protection should you drop your iPhone; but that said, we have not tested its durability since no one around here has a series 5 or 5S iPhone!

If you still use the old model iPhone, V2's iPhone case is a real deal. It is now on sale for just $6.48.

Thumbs Up graphic Here are the Pros about the V2 iPhone Case: 

  • Can't beat the price.
  • Holds both ecigs, cartridge and credit cards.
  • Rubber tips used on cartridges fit into the case.
  • Fits all cig-alikes including the long V2 Ex Series.

Thumbs Down graphic Here are the Cons about the V2 iPhone Case:

  • Unfortunately the current model only fits iPhone 5 and 5S. 

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