Don’t Suffer Smoking Out in the Cold – Just Switch to E-Cigarettes

Last updated on December 13th, 2021

smoking outside in winter

If you're a smoker and you're smoking outside in wintertime, you're probably humming the old tune, “ baby it’s cold outside ”.

Even down south in Atlanta, people are willing to stand in the frigid wind, huddled outside their homes, freezing their butts off just so they can smoke a cigarette. If that’s what the pleasure of smoking is all about, I give up, in fact I gave up smoking years ago.

If you're one of those inconveniently frostbitten individuals who is still smoking outside during cold weather, there are plenty of benefits switching to e-cigarettes.

Vaping is certainly a more pleasant alternative within your home, automobile and private office.  After all, there’s no smell, no smoke, no flame, and no offense to others around you. You can smoke an e-cigarette at a holiday party (or any party for that matter) without reservation or guilt.

Second hand vapor has proven to be harmless. Your clothes (and breath) will also stay fresher and your bank account will be a little fatter the next time old man winter and the holidays roll around.

Why not give yourself a present and buy an e-cigarette starter pack? For example, VaporFi, one of the most reputable e-cigarette companies is just one of several that offers discount specials several times a month. Even if you choose to continue smoking cigarettes, having the e-cigarette alternative for “vaping” in your car, home, or private office sure beats standing out in the cold.  You may even discover that you like vaping better than smoking.

Many people have made the switch easily because e-cigarettes are not much different from smoking tobacco cigarettes and they are now known to be 95% safer than cigarettes. The best e-cigarette companies use uber strict quality control and have pure diacetyl free eliquids. They even offer exciting new vaporizers designed for every level of vaping.

What about Vaping in Restaurants?

While state laws are constantly changing there are many U.S. states where vaping bans do not apply to bars and restaurants. That means the establishments are able to set their own rules.

Here is the list of all Vaping Bans in the United States including states with bans that do not apply to bars and restaurants.

If your state has started an ordinance to ban indoor vaping you can easily take action by sending a message to your state regulators. The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) posts all recent ordinances and links to take action.

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