Flavored Electronic Cigarette Cartridges Satisfy a Smokers Cravings

Last updated on June 12th, 2023


ecig cartridges and flavor sources

Many electronic cigarette smokers choose flavored cartomizers (also called filters or cartridges) over the tobacco flavored cartomizers. Why? It’s because they offer a gratifying e-cigarette experience that’s further removed from the traditional cigarette experience, and many say it helps them to better enjoy this alternative method of smoking.

You're still going through the motions of smoking except you're inhaling vapor (water, flavorings, PG, VG and nicotine) rather than toxic burning tobacco. 

What’s the Difference Between PG & VG?

Vapers of non-tobacco flavored filters say that your e-cigarette experience is just as satisfying as cigarette smoking, but you’re less likely to judge and compare the tobacco flavor difference between the two smoking choices. What’s more, they're really delicious!

  Here are some of the best tasting ecig flavors for cartridges on the market.

Mig21 Batteries with cartridge

MIG VAPOR is making a big name for itself since the demise of Greensmoke and V2 Cigs. That's because they are probably the only vape company that has cartridges compatible with the Greensmoke and V2 batteries.

As for flavors, they are excellent. There are 11 tasty flavors including blueberry, coffee, grape, cucumber and more! Check them out here.

Ecigarette Home Delivery South Beach Smoke

Popular South Beach Smoke has awesome flavors and the have added several new flavors to their extensive lineup including Tobacco Mint, Orange Mint, Double Apple Hookah, Frank’s Lemon Lime, and Grape Hookah. We love South Beach’s tobacco flavors especially Classic Tobacco. It’s one of the few that comes close to the real thing. But if you want a different vaping experience, try their PinaColada, Peach, Cherry, Peppermint, Chocolate, Menthol and Vanilla. The fruit and dessert flavors are nice, although a bit on the sweet side. All are smooth, except we thought Peach gave too much of a throat hit even at a 16mg (moderate) nicotine level.

Looking for e-liquid flavors without dangerous chemicals? Read more


All the e-cigarette cartridges tested and recommended here offer state of the art, modern, cartomizers that do not need refilling. 

If you prefer to fill your own mini-tank, Vaporfi also has some high quality kits for doing so that can be found on the Vaporfi website. Their  Pro Series has unique magnetic charging and drop-in cartridge features.

Of course, flavor tastes are highly subjective, and you may prefer one brand's flavor over another. Keep in mind also, that some flavors are more intense if the nicotine level is higher. 

Cost Savings and Comparisons

Each cartridge traditionally lasts as long as a pack of cigarettes depending on your vaping habits. E-cigarette cartridges are economical too. You can purchase the equivalent of a single pack of cigarettes for just $2.50 with the purchase of five refill cartridges. You can save even more if you buy in quantity or join one of their cartridge saving plans. 

Food and Fruit Flavored Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Food and Fruit Flavored Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

Whatever you want to call them…either Cartomizers or Cartridges, flavored electronic cigarette filters offer a gratifying e-cigarette experience that makes switching to e-cigarettes so much easier and more satisfying……and they certainly are far better than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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