Custom ECigarette Tanks and Vaporizers From South Beach Smoke Let You Mix and Match

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

South Beach Smoke Enters the Vaporizer Scene with the First Web Based Custom Vaporizer Builder

UPDATE: South Beach Smoke No Longer Offers the Vaporizer Builder. They now only carry traditional e-cigarette starter kits.

I was very excited to try out South Beach Smoke‘s new custom Vaporizer Builder – a keen little selection-app that displays powerful, colorful and widely styled batteries and Cartomizers. 

After having tested SBS's petite “Air” model several months ago, I was pleased to learn that they're keeping abreast of the competition by offering pretty and powerful second generation ecigarettes. The cool thing about building your vaporizer from South Beach Smoke is that a photo of your design-in-progress appears on the screen as it's being created.

First, I visited the South Beach Smoke website and clicked on the new Vaporizer tab. From there I began selecting the parts and custom colors for my new eGo kit. You can easily check any tank and atomizer details from the same page.

For example, I noticed the Thunder Air Flow Tank has a strong 1.8 ohm duel bottom coil atomizer (the only size available for this tank). It's for those who prefer a stronger throat hit and maximum e-liquid flavor. The tank has a 1.7ml capacity. If you like this tank because it's duel coil, I suggest pairing it with a variable volt battery. SBS offers the Storm 1100 in several colors.

I like to keep things really smooth and I don't like much of a throat hit, so I chose the feminine Curve 650 mAhry. The Curve comes in 8 colors; even lovely orange which is really hard to find.

I then selected a matching Curve tank because it comes with a smooth 2.2ohm bottom coil atomizer and holds 2.4 ml of e-liquid. It also comes in seven colors, but they're just tinted; all quite clear which best to see your e-juice level. 

Great Looking, But What About Quality Performance?

South Beach Smoke calls these vaporizers “Dream Machines” and they certainly are pretty!

So far my vaporizer works great, is easy to refill and gives me great vapor. The only down side is that removing the curve tank from the battery isn't as easy as with my EVOD BCC tank.

All the mix and match South Beach Smoke tanks are compatible with all the mix and match batteries, but they won't fit the SBS Air battery or other non South Beach eGo batteries.

Still, I was not disappointed with my South Beach Smoke custom vaporizer and it's certainly priced right. Adding the Wall Charger my kit came to $47.97. The price will eventually go up to $64.99 after the introductory period.

According to Marketing Manager, Andres Gomez the Custom Vaporizer Builder alone is “going to take the industry by storm.”

I believe he's got something there. Building my own high styled vaporizer was a lot of fun, and like shoes, a true VaperGirl can't have too many.


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