Buying E-Cigarettes – Is Online the Best Way?

Last updated on January 15th, 2023

What is the Best Way to Buy Electronic Cigarettes – Online, at Gas Stations or in Stores?

E-Cigarettes - buy online or in stores?

Buying your first electronic cigarette kit, or even your first disposable e-cigarette can be challenging. You want to purchase a quality product at a reasonable price, but you also want an easy, economical way to buy an e-cigarette that will meet your needs and expectations. Is shopping on-line the best way? Well, I say, “absolutely”….but so do millions of other satisfied vapers. 

Some Guidelines From the Experts


1- Understanding the Cost Factor

Most people don't want to spend a lot on their first e-cigarette. I certainly didn't. I also wanted to get a refund if I didn't like it, so I looked for one with a money back guarantee. Unfortunately I couldn't get that at the convenience store. Not so convenient. I also knew that just about every on-line e-cigarette company offers big discounts during the holidays, and not just the big season holidays! You'll see e-cig websites celebrating Cinco de Mayo and April Fool's Day.

Best selling Electronic Cigarette Comparison Chart 2016

2- Don’t Settle for Less Than the True E-Cigarette Experience

Top of the line e-cigarettes always offer beginner starter kits at reasonable prices, but you also get to choose from a variety of cartridge flavors. You can choose your preferred level of nicotine, and you can re-charge the battery. Most offer really inexpensive disposables too. Retail stores are limited to shelf space so you only get to choose between mystery ecig #1 and #2. 

ecigarettes sold in drugstore

– What Walmart, Drug Store or Gas Station Vendors Won’t Tell You

Aside from the stated disadvantages, it's rumored that store bought e-cigarettes are factory seconds that are purchased from an outside or foreign supplier. Okay, it may be ecig forum chatter, but I do know that quality e-cigarette retailers are passionate and uncompromising regarding e-cigarette purity and safety, in fact, they go to great lengths to tell you about their uber clean labs and third party testing. Although you may find popular brands like Vuze, Blu or NJoy at gas stations, those e-cigarettes, (in most every experienced reviewer's opinion), are inferior products. 

Don't buy ecigarettes from drug stores

4- Here What to Expect From Drug Store and Gas Station E-Cigarettes

  • They produce very little vapor
  • The cartridges (flavored filters) often leak e-liquid into your mouth
  • They can be very harsh on your throat
  • The batteries can die within a day’s usage
  • They taste pretty awful They make you think e-cigarettes are rubbish, which is not only disappointing, it’s deceiving.


So Back to the Original Question – Is it Better to Buy E-Cigarettes On Line?

The main reasons why on-line e-cigarette sales are so popular and are growing exponentially is that..

  1. You can choose from a wide variety of e-cigarette brands and styles.
  2. You get a secure way to purchase high quality e-vapor products at excellent prices.
  3. Most companies will refund your money within 30 days if you’re dissatisfied, or they will provided you with a replacement. 

As supporters of Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) we at Cloud Nine want to help make your electronic cigarette experience easy and worthwhile. Since 2005 we’ve kept pace with the current industry trends and we've tested hundreds of products.

There are scores of trustworthy e-cigarette review sites (like this one) that rank well with search engines, so read the reviews. Remember, you can buy a simple starter kit online for a little as $13.95, (from Vaporfi) or a quality disposable ecig, for even less . 


Good luck and happy vaping!

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