Apollo Brez Deluxe Pod Kit Review/Power+Lab-Tested ELiquids

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Last updated on July 4th, 2021

pollo Brez Pod Kit Review Title Image

The Apollo Brez Deluxe Pod System – Smooth, Tasty Flavors in a Powerful, Yet Lightweight Device 

Reviewers like myself are getting numb to the notion that a new version of the pod vape would be cause for excitement. The market is now saturated with devices, and even the latest models are proving to be unremarkable. Still, I was eager to test Apollo Vape’s device. The San Francisco based company is one of the pioneers of the vaping industry, and their reputation for producing the highest quality vapor products, such as the OHM GO Vaping Kit has not faltered. I expected no less from their closed system Pod Kit called the Apollo Brez.

Apollo Vapes may be a bit late in the game, but with JUUL under scrutiny, the timing may have been be a shrewd move.

For the purpose of this review I received a complimentary Brez Deluxe Pod Kit from Apollo Vapes. As always, my comment and reviews are strictly my own.

The Apollo Brez at a Glance:


  • High Quality, Lab Tested E-Liquids
  • Sleek Design
  • TruCeramic Coil
  • Proprietary Adapter 320mAh Battery
  • Ultra thin


  • Limited Instructions for Use
  • Hard to Read E-Liquid Window

High Quality, Lab Tested E-Liquids

Today everyone is concerned about e-liquid purity. The Apollo site makes it clear that their e-liquids undergo a strict protocol. All juices are made by experienced chemists with BSc or PhD degrees. All are guaranteed contaminate free and are made with USP Grade PG and VG Food Safe Ingredients and Laboratory Grade Nicotine.

Each Apollo Brez pod contains 1ml of nic salts e-liquid that will last at least one day. The pods are made with magnetic gold plated pins. Gold, unlike brass or copper doesn’t oxidize as quickly so it wont’ corrode.

What’s in the Brez Kit?

New Apollo Brez Kit

Apollo Brez kit

The Apollo Brez has a Brez Battery Kit which includes a long lasting 320 mAh rechargeable battery along with a charger.

There are several parts to this vape pen and they’re all inside a compact box. After sliding the kit out of the sleeve, you’ll find two trays. One includes the battery, the other a usb cable.

Instructions for use are listed on the inside of the box cover, so you won’t find a separate user manual. I was; frankly, disappointed with the instructions, as they are mostly safety directions. Hopefully this post will give you a better guide to setting up this unique device!

Charging the Brez

The problem with so many pod vapes is that you’re constantly having to put in on the charger. The Brez is different to most others in that it has a 320mAh Battery – that’s 120mAh larger than the JUUL. I could vape all day without needing a recharge. The LED light indicator remains white while the battery is charging and goes out when the battery is charged. While inhaling your vape, the light comes on, unless you need to recharge, at which time it will flash.

Apollo Brez on charger

Brez pod vape on the charger

Another improvement over other pod vapes is that this device uses a USB cord with a proprietary adapter. Yes, there’s an added step to your set up. You must first connect the adapter to the USB cord. This is certainly not a big deal, and you only have to do it once. The advantage is that the adapter allows the Brez to snap magnetically into the USB charger without having to match up the port configurations. No need to put on those glasses! As always, I recommend you store all parts in the box so things don’t go missing.

Brez Flavor Pods

Pre-filled Flavor Pods for the Brez Kit are sold separately.

Each flavor pod pack comes with 4 x Pre-filled Salt Nic Pods and you can choose your nicotine strength – either 25mg or 50mg. 

Unfortunately, due to recent FDA regulations on all pre-filled pod vapes, there are now only 3 flavors. 

  • Breeze
  • RY4
  • Classic Tobacco


I tested each one, and while I’m not a big fan of tobacco vape flavors, both the Tobacco and RY4 were quite good.

Classic Tobacco is full bodied with a bit of sweetness, while the RY4 has caramel undertones. 

My preferred flavor, Breeze, is a mild menthol without any bite or minty taste. 

I really like the fact that each flavor pod is color coded. Before inserting the pod, make sure you remove the rubber stoppers at the top and bottom. 

There’s a little juice level window on the side of the pod, but it’s a dark, frosted color so you really have to remove the pod to see your remaining e-juice.

To date, a 4-pack of Brez Pods is $19.95.

Feeling the Brez

Man's hand holding an Apollo Brez Pod Vape pen

The Apollo Brez is small and lightweight

The Brez’s design is lightweight, slim and rounded with a smooth, anodized matte finish so it feels extremely comfortable in your hand. The device measures 104.6 x 16.2 x 8.2 mm and weights only 17 grams.

How Does It Vape?

The draw on the Brez is a bit tighter than most pod vapes, but certainly not too tight. This is a welcome advantage to many vapers. The TruCeramic Coil guarantees a very flavorful hit. There’s no popping, spitting and thankfully, no unpleasant sparks. The flavor and draw remains constant whether you choose short or long pulls.

I found the vapor production to be fuller than other pod vapes. As expected, it’s not as voluminous as with larger vaporizers. 

As mentioned, each pod holds an ample 1ml e-liquid. I’m not a heavy vaper, so my pod lasted for about 250 puffs – about a day and a half. Of course, this will vary, depending on your vaping style. I will say that after 2 weeks of vaping the Brez, there were no leaks nor any other problems. 


The Apollo Brez is priced reasonably and on par with other pod vape favorites like the JUUL and the refillable SMOK Nord.

If you’re looking for a lightweight closed-system pod vape that offers power, convenience and 5 truly excellent, lab-tested flavors, the Apollo Brez is at the top of its class. 

There’s never any popping or leaking and the draw is not to tight nor too loose. The smooth, rounded design is lightweight and feels great in your hand. 

Charging the device is a breeze. The Brez’s propriety charger has a magnetic port so the battery simply snaps in for a quick charge. 

Expect the powerful 320mAh battery to hold a charge for over a day. While the e-liquid window is hard to read when attached, in my opinion, the Brez is 98% perfect. It is the only pre-filled pod vape I’ve found to be better than the JUUL.

CloudNineEcigReview's Rating

9.7 stars

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