Best E-Liquid Company Mt. Baker Vapor Reduces Prices – Maintains Quality

Last updated on December 5th, 2021

UPDATE! Mt. Baker Vapor Has Closed Their Business. We recommend you visit Vaporfi for quality e-liquids.


American made e-liquid company Mt. Baker Vapor now has some of the lowest prices on e-liquids and e-cigarette hardware and you'll find them throughout their popular website.

If you’re a fan of Mt. Baker Vapor, (and I certainly am) you don’t have to worry about reductions in the quality of their e-juices and hardware. The company has issued a press release saying nothing will change except for the price and the addition of new flavors and e-cigarette products.

According to Mt. Baker Vapor representative Michael Sullivan,

“Standard flavors used to have a price point of $4.99 and dropped to $3.99 whereas the specialty juices used to have a price point of $5.99 and dropped to $4.99.”

If you order the 30ml or 236 ml (8 oz) bottles of e-liquid, the savings are even greater, and hardware prices on e-cig vaporizers and tanks are considerably lower too. One of my favorite vaporizers , the Kanger EVOD Starter Kit is only $29.49 and it comes everything you will need to start vaping, right out of the box including your e-liquid. 

Kanger EVOD ecig kit

With more quality vaping companies coming on the market, competition is fierce and Mt. Baker Vapor aims to remain competitive. They’re also determined to remain at the top of the “best e-liquid” list.

Mt Baker's popular flavors are really tempting and won’t disappoint. They’re a good choice too if you’re experiencing e-juice flavor burnout or have the dreaded vaper’s tongue.

The new Pretzelmint Bark E-Juice tastes like Christmas anytime of the year. It's a combo of pretzel, rich chocolate and a zest of cool peppermint.

Mt. Baker Vapor Pretzelmint bark eliquid

French Vanilla E-Juice is what I call a “comfort vape”. Rich, sweet and creamy it's perfect for a summer's day any day of the year. Of course, it's diacetyl free despite the delicious flavor. Mt. Baker Vapor is famous for true to taste e-liquids.

Creamy Vanilla e-liquid from Mt. Baker Vapor

Another all weather flavor, is French Toast E-Juice! This explosion of sweet battered bread, rich cinnamon spice, and fresh maple syrup is awesome any time of the day.

Mt. Baker Vapor E-Juice French Toast

One of MBV’s most popular flavors is called Happy Rancher E-Juice. This “jolly” good vape tastes like the popular sweet and sour apple candy that will remind you of a simpler time. It brings out my inner child.

Mt. Baker Vapor Happy Rancher e-juice

Remember….Cinnamon and apple are two of those e-liquid flavors that can crack your plastic tank so if you’re thinking of getting one of MBV’s new flavors, or if you’re vaping any flavors know to crack or melt tanks make sure you invest in a pyrex or glass tank like those from Kanger, Innokin, Aspire, or iClear.


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