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Last updated on December 9th, 2021

Popular ECigarette Company VaporFi Takes the Advanced Personal Vaporizer Market by Storm



VaporFi Temperature Control MOD Collection 728×90

Personal vaporizers are swiftly becoming the preferred e-cigarette choice for intermediate and even beginning vapers seeking maximum flavor and vapor production only possible with advanced e-vapor products. Competition for this market is fierce, and e-cig companies like VaporFi are rising to the challenge.

This sister company of South Beach Smoke is no small contender. They're now turning heads and racking up the 5 star reviews for their Advanced Vaporizers.  These are super charged Mods that fine tunes the hands-on experience of adjusting voltage, wattage and atomizer resistance.

Don't Be Intimidated – (I was for about 2 minutes)

Before testing the VOXII, I was quite happy vaping my VaporFi Rocket with variable voltage, dual coils and fully adjustable airflow control, but after experiencing the VOXII, I now see why even die hard iStick fans are adding this one to their MOD collections. It really is a game changer.

I purchased a protective outer case for my VOXII, but the stainless steel, curved edge casing feels great in your hand. The power and setting buttons feel sturdy and well made, but it's the vapor production and intense flavor produced by this little powerhouse of a MOD that positions it beyond excellent.

VaporFi Temperature Control MOD Collection 728×90

Main Features of the VOXII

The VOXII 50 box MOD lets you adjust your wattage from from 7w to a 50w, in 0.1 w increments ideal for low ohm (and even sub-ohm) vaping.

Although the VOXII is designed for use with re-buildable atomizers (RBA’s) and re-buildable drip-type tanks (RDA’s), I had no problem testing it first with my dual coil Kanger Pro Tank II as well as my VaporFi Platinum II tank as long as I kept the wattage below 10w.

Still, at 8 watts I enjoyed flavor that I never experienced before using a lesser battery. I admit it will burn up your atomizer faster, but they come cheap and I'm worth it.

True, this MOD is geared for intermediate and advanced vapers since venturing into high watt territory does take some experience and vaping know-how. Still, this well constructed, compact, vaping machine is really convenient in that you get all the advantages of greater vapor production and fuller e-juice flavor without having to worry too much about volts and ohm meters. The VOXII automates the volts to your ohms and you only have to set the wattage.

There are other convenience too, like pass through USB charging, an Auto Ohm Resistance Meter, and 5 preset options that you can adjust to customize your device to your vaping preferences.

vox-ii-50w-mod-batteriesA Hot MOD Indeed… But it Can Overheat!

Okay, The VOXII MOD comes with temperature protection, an ohm resistance meter and an OLED digital screen, but that’s not to say this baby is foolproof. Hardly so. With up to 50watts of power it’s not for unexperienced wannabe cloud chasers (and I’ve met a few).

Higher wattage produces massive vapor, but it also puts a huge strain on your battery and your coils especially if you venture into sub-ohm vaping.

VaporFi’s instruction booklet and website is filled with disclaimers like this one.

WARNING: “Advanced products like this are for experienced vape enthusiasts with extensive knowledge of how electronic devices work along with access to the appropriate safety tools. Please use proper precautions when using devices like this to avoid damage and/or harm to the hardware or yourself.” – VaporFi

If You Would rather Try a Less Complicated Vaporizer? Check out Vaporfi's other quality vape mods.


Awesome Sub Ohm Vaping with the VOXII

The VOXII is made for sub ohm vaping which produces huge clouds of vapor and intense flavor.

In order to really get the best vapor production and full flavor of your e-juice, it’s better to choose a high end clearomizer tank that at least has adjustable air holes. I would venture to guess if you’re in the market for a MOD as powerful and as over-the-top as the VOXII, you’ll also want to rebuild your coils. In that case, consider buying a complete VOXII Kit from VaporFi's on line vaporizer builder. 


Tanks For the VOXII

VOLT tank from VaporFi

VOLT tank from VaporFi


The Volt Hybrid Tank: This is a versatile, good sized tank where you can choose between the pre-made organic cotton atomizers or the rebuildable deck with pre-made, no work, RBA coils. The Atomizers come in both low and sub-ohm coils. You get adjustable airflow, a spare pyrex glass, and VaporFi throws in a free bottle of e-liquid. It’s great choice for those who want the convenience of a pre-made atomizer plus the option to advance to coil building. 

I do not recommend ordering no more than 3ml of nicotine with this baby as the flavor is truly intense. 


VaporFi Rebel Tank

The Rebel Tank: The Rebel has a dual coil and is customized with adjustable air and even juice flow. Airflow is really important when you’re vaping at higher wattages. This tank will suit your needs if you don't want to venture into sub ohm territory. Just make sure you keep the watts under 10W. The Rebel is also quite convenient and it's great for adjusting the air and e-juice flow.

Since the best e-liquids for low and sub-ohm vaping are Max VG, the e-juice flow feature is awesome. High VG e-juice is thicker than a standard VG/PG ratio and atomizers can easily clog up.  

Vape Kind

100% VG Organic E-Liquids

What I didn't like about the VOXII

One design element that is attractive, but marginally flawed is that the tank sits flush with the box making tank removal awkward, even impossible if you have long nails or large fingers. It's damn tricky getting a good hold onto the base, and you can easily spill e-liquid all over the place if you screw off just the tank.

Important Safety Features

One of the best, and most reassuring features of the VOXII MOD is that it clearly displays Error Codes including:

  • Low Res=Low atomizer resistance(<0.2ohm)
  • HHHHHHHH=High input voltage(>5V)
  • TOO HOT= High temperature

There’s no audible alarm, so you do have to pay close attention to the OLED digital screen.

Other safety features include:

  • Vented Battery Casing
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Output Short-Circuit Protection


The VOXII is now on sale for $134.99 (while supply lasts). 

I Give the VaporFi VOXII MOD a Strong 9.5 Rating.

This high powered MOD box-style vaporizer promises to provide you with the ultimate vaping experience and it delivers. VaporFi calls it “every cloud chaser’s dream” and after reading the customer reviews, I see I’m not the only one who’s blown away by this formidable contender in the advance MOD category of vaporizers.

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