Vaporfi VAIO MINI All-in-One Vaporizer Review and How To

Last updated on December 9th, 2021

If You Want Big Vape Power in a Tiny Vaporizer, Vaporfi’s VAIO MINI Delivers. Here’s My Review Plus a Detailed Tutorial for this Unique Vaping Device.


When I opened the box of the Vaporfi VAIO MINI All-in One-Vaporizer, I was delighted. Tiny and lightweight, this little vaporizer was perfect for on-the go-vaping. Perfect for women too. Not every lady likes vaping a tank. Hey, even guys aren’t exactly keen on pocket bulge.

Beyond the mini size, (and mini price) the VAIO MINI has a unique design. There’s no visible tank or atomizer; they're  contained within the device. Very stealth-like and quite unique! 


First Look – New Atomizer and Tank Styling


Vaporfi VAIO MINI Atomizer and Base

Vaporfi VAIO MINI Atomizer and Base

It wasn't difficult to pop off the mouthpiece and unscrew the atomizer base. Upon closer inspection, I noticed it had 2 parts – the thin atomizer base, and the tiny atomizer on other. The two screw together. The starter kit even comes with an extra 1.0 Ohm Atomizer.

Charging the battery with the USB cord was a no brainer. Just plug it in and keep an eye on the charging lights which indicate the level. 

When all 4 blue lights on the side of the vaporizer are “on” the battery is charged.

Priming the Atomizer and Filling the Tank Was Another Thing Altogether.


Getting Started – Activating and Filling Your VAIO MINI


TO ACTIVATE: Click the activation button 5 times to turn the VAIO MINI on and off. The button is located on the side of the battery. Turn it off when you’re ready to fill the device with e-liquid.

TO FILL: This little vaporizer fills from the front. Push down on the front fill lever to open the small fill chamber. 

filling Vaporfi Vaio Mini


Drip slowly! The 2mL internal ejuice tank is tiny, so it’s easy to overfill it. Drip your e-liquid to the top of the chamber. Just make sure it doesn’t overflow.

Once filled, close the fill lever.  You’re almost ready to vape, but first…


Prime the Atomizer


vaio mini base and atomizer


These days, all atomizers need to be primed. Priming allows the e-liquid to saturate the atomizer’s cotton wick.

Vaporfi suggests you prime your atomizer after you’ve filled your tank with e-liquid. 

If you don’t take time to prime, you’ll get a very nasty tasting “burnt hit” on your first inhalation. It’ll be nasty on the 2nd and 3rd hit too, but trust me, you’ll never get to that point. 

Learn how to prevent your atomizer from burning

First, unscrew the atomizer from the base and drip 2-3 drops of e-liquid into the tip of the atomizer, (the end that connects to the stem/base). 

Once you’ve primed the atomizer, screw it tightly into the atomizer base. Then screw the entire atomizer tightly into the vaporizer and replace the mouthpiece.

Before turning on the device take short puffs from the mouthpiece while you let your e-liquid soak into the atomizer. This should take about 5 minutes before the VAIO MINI is ready for vaping.


Having Problems? Here’s What to Do.


If you’re getting a gurgling noise when you vape, or you unexpectedly get a mouthful of ejuice, your tank is probably flooded. Just blow into the mouthpiece a few times to remedy these situations.

Is the VAIO MINI not firing? Check to see if your atomizer or atomizer base is loose.

Is your activation button flashing blue for no apparent reason? A flashing blue light is a protection indicator that means things are getting too hot! Maybe you used the wrong atomizer? Maybe you got your battery wet and there’s an open circuit? Whatever the problem, stop using the vaporizer and call Vaporfi customer service.

What Brand of E-Cigarette Has Exploding Batteries?

 The Vaporfi VAIO MINI’s Best Features


Since the VAIO MINI loads from the front and has a built in tank, filling your vaporizer is a breeze.


You Get “Mouth-to-Lung” Technology 


If vaping makes you cough, the Vaio will reduce that annoying side effect.

Vaporfi’s famous “mouth-to-lung” devices are unique. I don’t know the mechanics of how they work, but they do.


Fast Charging


It didn’t take long to charge my Vaio Mini. Smaller battery, less to charge! Of course you should expect to charge it every day with regular use.

As mentioned earlier, the 4 LED lights turn blue when the battery is fully charged.  You can always check your battery level when vaping by pressing the activation button 3 times.


Some Helpful Tips 


1- Regarding the Front Loading E-liquid Feature

At first I loved the idea that the Vaio Mini fills from the front, but I ran into a bit of a problem. Dripping the juice into the front “door” chamber hole was a slow process. The first few drops went in easily, but after that, I had to stand the device up and tap the mouthpiece a few times to get the juice moving.

I realized my mistake. I was using a high VG e-liquid blend which is really too thick for this tiny vaporizer!  Choose a 50/50 ratio. It’s much better for the 1.0 atomizer too.

How Do VG and PG Affect Vaping? 

If you still don’t like the front load feature –

You can unscrew and remove the atomizer base and add your e-juice directly to the e-liquid chamber, but it’s tricky! If you put in too much e-liquid, the tank will overflow when you replace the base. Don't expect one of those helpful indicator lines which show you where to stop dripping. 

While vaping, don’t let your e-liquid level get too low. Check the front window to see that enough e-liquid remains. A low juice level is another sure way to burn your atomizer. 

2- Cleaning the VAIO MINI

One thing the manuals always leave out is instructions on how to clean your vaporizer.  Here are some important things you need to know.

Mouthpieces are like flatware. Both go into your mouth. Both have edible stuff sticking to them.  While I don’t always recommend putting ecig mouthpieces in the dishwasher, you should give them a wash every day. You can use water and a mild detergent, or alcohol, or vodka (which tastes far better). 

Atomizers can be more difficult to clean. Larger atomizers can be rubbed with alcohol, but the wick within the VAIO MINI’s is so small, it can’t be reached with a cloth. I say skip the cleaning and buy yourself a nice 5-pack from Vaporfi.

IMPORTANT! Cleaning the VAIO MINI's TANK is different than with larger vaporizers. That's because the tank is enclosed and cannot be removed. 

I recommend first twisting the end of a paper towel and inserting it into the tank. The paper will absorb any remaining e-liquid. Do this a few times until no e-liquid remains. 

Do not try to add water directly to the tank! You’ll destroy the battery.

I asked Vaporfi’s product specialist Gianna Del Monte how to clean the tank. Here’s her recommendation:

 For the VAIO Mini the best way to clean the tank is to use a Qtip with soap and water and gently rinse it without letting any water hit the battery portion of the device”.


Make sure no soapy residue remains. You can use vodka instead of soap and water if your prefer. When your dry, you’re ready for a new e-liquid flavor.

NOTE: If you choose to charge your VAIO with a Wall Charger, only use Chargers/adapters that have an input of 100-240 V 50HZ-60HZ and an Output of 5V/500 mah.


Wrapping Up This Small Package


The Vaporfi VAIO MINI Starter Kit has almost everything you need to start vaping.

It’s an easy to use vape pen for beginners, and a must-have for those looking for a very portable vaporizer that’s great for vaping travelers. 

If want to save money, go for the VAIO MINI Starter Kit Bundle. You'll get the VAIO MINI plus a bottle of e-liquid, Plus five 1.0 oHm replacement atomizers.


Vaporfi eliquids -

Vaporfi’s outstanding vape juice is also included. Of course, you can custom blend your own flavor and nicotine level from the over 30,000 combinations available. You'll always get an added discount when you buy more than 1 bottle at a time, or mix flavors. 


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