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Last updated on December 9th, 2021


If you are looking for batteries, cartridges or mini-tanks for your V2 ecig, you will find them on the Mig Vapor website.

Looking for the most reputable vape products that have safety features?

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V2 Was Best Known for Vape Products That Had Safety Features and Were Easy of Use

I’ve been reviewing e-cigarettes and vaporizers since 2005 and I’ve tested many brands and models from simple cigalikes to some of the most advanced high powered vaporizers.

I kept up with V2's products and always tested the new ones. The company was always known to be innovative with exciting new vape pens emerging each season.

Rather than sell imported brands, V2 designed their own ecigs and vaporizers. All were at the beginner or intermediate level and were easy to use.

What Happened to V2?

In 2018 V2's parent company, VMR sold out to JUUL. Soon after, JUUL closed V2 and partnered with big tobacco company Altria.

Years ago, in a similar scenario, Green Smoke was purchased by Altria. Soon after, Green Smoke's quality ecigs went from excellent to horrendous. Cartridge flavors were compromised and several were discontinued. Altria finally closed down the brand entirely.

Although the news reports say Altria “would be a great partner for Juul since it would help Juul better navigate the regulatory landscape”, there's no saying how the merger would affect the product.

You Can Still Buy Cartridges and Batteries That Will Fit Your V2 Ecigs

Mig Vapor Ecigs Compatible with V2

Mig Vapor has compatible parts for V2's cigalikes – including the refillable mini cartridge. Mig is a fast growing quality vape company that designs their own vape products and remains highly innovative.

Like V2 you can also expect:

1- Your E-cigarette Will be Really Easy to Use and Maintain

  • The Mig 21 Clear Fusion MAX Vape Tank will replace the V2 Ex Tank. It's just as easy to change. It simply screws on.
  • The pre-filled or empty cartridges will also fit your V2 battery
  • Mig Vapor's eicg batteries (both the 110mm and 140mm) have a quick charge and it’s very long lasting.
  • Batteries are either automatic or they have a manual activation button. It's why vapers with young children love this model.


2- You Get Awesome Vapor and Satisfying Taste

  • You don’t need a high powered vaporizer to get big, flavorful clouds of vapor.
  • You don’t need to mess with atomizers or voltage and wattage adjustments.
  • Mig Vapor's line of e-liquids include some of the best tasting flavors in the industry.


3- Other Perks

  • The Company has a Rewards Program and a 90 Day Warranty on Hardware.


4- Truly Economical

  • Ecigs and vaporizers are competitively priced.


5- Reliable Customer Support

  • Mig Vapor offers a toll free customer service number and support is excellent. 


Check out current prices at Mig Vapor, including holiday special discounts.

Have you tried Mig Vapor's replacement parts for your V2 product? We appreciate your comments!

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