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Last updated on June 9th, 2024

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UPDATE! The SMOK Trinity Alpha is no longer available. Check out our review of a similar, newer product – The SMOK Thiner.

Familiar Styling with Advanced Features

I receive many vapor products for review each year, and I’m really grateful for the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest vaping innovations. I recently received the newest Open System Pod Vape – The SMOK Trinity Alpha 1000mAh Vape Pod System Kit. Many thanks to International Vapor Products for sending the kit, so I can share my opinions in this review.

The first impression I had was frankly “surprise”. The Trinity Alpha looks curiously like the Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go Vape Pod Starter Kit.

Trinity Alpha and Lost Vape Orion

SMOK Trinity Alpha vs Lost Vape Orion 40W DNA Go

As you can see, the designs are is quite similar. There are those artistic front panels, and the newer model still has a good-sized pod. Both devices give you the option to adjust the power level.

That said, there are subtle differences between the two. Perhaps the biggest advantage with the SMOK Trinity Alpha is that it has a more powerful, 1000mAh battery. That means you can get about 450 puffs per charge. The Trinity Alpha also has 3 easy to read power level buttons. 

Here’s Quick Look At the SMOK Trinity Alpha


  • Beautifully designed
  • You can add any e-liquid including nic salts and CBD vape juices
  • Kit comes with (2) NORD coils
  • Sliding top fill cap
  • 1000mAh battery
  • Safety Features included
  • Ample sized pod holds 2.8ml e-liquid

On the Downside

  • You need to follow the maximum wattages for each coil 
  • There is no way to adjust the airflow

Here’s What You Get in the Kit


Trinity Alpha Kit

The SMOK Trinity Alpha comes in a compact box with a sliding cover. The pod, battery and coils sit in cushy compartments. The bottom layer contains a lanyard; handy if you choose to carry this pod mod around your neck.  Here’s the list of what’s in the box:

  • TRINITY ALPHA Pod Cartridge
  • 0.6ohm NORD Mesh Coil
  • 0.8ohm NORD Mesh-MTL Coil
  • MicroUSB Cable
  • Instructional Manual
  • Lanyard


Design Features of This Refillable Pod Vape

Trinity Alpha in woman's hand

The Trinity Alpha Pod Vape fits nicely in your hand

Weighing only 90 grams and with dimensions of 91mm by 38mm by 16mm, the Trinity Alpha fits comfortably in your hand. I really like the fact that there are no sharp edges.

When you order, you choose from six color options – Red, Bright Black, Prism Gold, Prism Rainbow, Prism Blue and Prism Chrome. Each one is a work of art. If you are familiar with another great Pod Vape from SMOK, the NORD, you’ll recognize some panel designs, but the Trinity Alpha offers 4 additional Prism colors.

Charging Your Vape

Like most vaporizers, the battery will arrive partially charged. To complete the charge, just use the MicroUSB cable provided with the kit.

The cable fits easily into the USB port on the side of the battery without having to pry open a USB door (as with the Lost Vape Orion). Been there; don’t like it.

The nice thing about the Trinity Alpha’s 1000mAh internal battery is that charging takes less than a half hour. The battery life indicator, (located right above the activation light), will go off when charging is complete.

The light will be green when the device is on, and you have at least a 70% charge. When it gets less than 70% it will be Orange; less than 30%, it will display a Red light.

Before You Select Your Nord Coil, Consider Two Things

Once your battery is charged, you’ll need to insert an atomizer. Like everything else with this pod vape, it’s pretty easy, but the kit comes with two Nord atomizer coils – a 0.6ohm NORD Mesh Coil and a 0.8ohm NORD Mesh-MTL Coil. You’ll have to decide which one works best with your e-juice!   

You’ll also have to select the perfect wattage for your vape, after all, this device gives you a choice of three settings.

Here Are Some Guidelines for Setting Up Your SMOK Trinity Alpha


1- The Trinity Alpha 1000w Pod Vape is very versatile regarding different types of vape juices. You can use regular e-juices with a 50/50 PG/VG blend, juices with a high VG blend such as Organic e-juices,…Nicotine Salts, or CBD vape juices.

High VG e-liquids traditionally work best with sub-ohm coils used in a sub ohm compatible vape pen style device, but the Trinity Alpha pod vape can handle these types of e-liquids.

2- You can also use either coil with your preferred e-liquid. Just remember that the 0.8 coil can only take the Soft and Normal wattage modes. It’s the one instruction you don’t want to mess up.

The 0.8 ohm is a bit more efficient so you won’t deplete your e-liquid as quickly.

After you’ve selected you preferred coil, remove the pod by pulling back the ribbed release button on the top of the device. Turn the pod over and push in the coil. There are no threads, but you’ll have to turn and press it down to get it fully seated.

Setting the Output Wattage Mode 

The 0.6 coil is the most flexible as it can be used with all 3 wattage modes: Soft – 10w,  Normal – 16w and Hard 25w.

Trinity Alpha side view

Trinity Alpha Side View


Unlike more advanced mods, this mini mod streamlines the process of setting the wattage. Just use the button located right above the USB port. Once your device is on, press it to choose your mode. White indicator lights will display your choice. That’s it. There’s nothing to “lock-in”.

Filling the Pod

Adding e-liquid is just as easy. The fill hole is located next to the drip tip/mouthpiece. You don’t have to remove the pod to fill it with e-juice. Simply slide open the cap, fill the pod and close the cap. Give the e-juice at least 10 minutes to saturate the atomizer wick. When you’re ready to vape, press the large activation button 5 times. You’ll do the same to turn the device off.

Learn why you have to prime your coil

So How Does it Vape?

I first tested the Trinity Alpha using the 0.8 coil with one of my favorite organic CBD e-juices –  Once in a Blue Moon from KindJuice.

The flavor was great, and vapor production was excellent. Fuller vapor also means more CBD delivery. Of course, you can still vape CBD e-liquids in a vaporizer or pod vape that uses 1.0 ohms and above coils, but the Trinity Alpha only takes sub-ohm coils.

I also tested the device with a nicotine salts e-liquid using the 0.6 coil.

My vapor was a bit fuller than with the .08 coil and the flavor was a bit more intense. As expected, I did get slightly less air resistance and a stronger throat hit when using the 0.6 coil. 

I plan on getting an extra pod and extra coils as I never stick to one type of e-liquid or flavor. They’re surprisingly economical. Having those extra components really help you to avoid “flavor ghosting”.


Design – The SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Vape is a very attractive refillable pod vape. Since the release of the popular SMOK Nord, the company has become well known for their artistic carbon fiber panels. 

Ergonomic, lightweight and portable, this little pod mod has slightly rounded edges so it feels good in your hand.

Filling the ample 2.8ml pod is easy using the swivel fill cap, and the fill opening is large enough to avoid any spillage.

Versatility – The Trinity Alpha Kit contains 2 NORD sub-ohm atomizer coils, each with it’s own resistance level. That’s an economical feature, as you can easily buy replacement coils without having to replace the entire pod. 

There are also three wattage levels you can set to further optimize your vaping style.

You can use any type of e-liquid including all PG/VG blends, Nicotine Salt e-liquids and CBD vape juices. 

There’s little to complain about the SMOK Trinity Alpha, including the low price, which is why we give it a high rating.

9.7 stars



Have you tried the SMOK Trinity Alpha Pod Vape? Have any questions? We welcome your comments.

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