Smok Thiner 25W Vape Pod Review

Last updated on September 4th, 2023

Thin, Portable, and With Features Usually Not Found in a Vape Pod, the Smok Thiner is a Winner

Small and lightweight, the Thiner fits easily into pocket or purse. Despite its size, this little vape is surprisingly powerful. With 25 watts of power, and an easy, one-button adjustment feature, the Thiner Vape Pod from Smok can hold a charge for an entire day.

Unlike some other vapes with pods, such as the Smok Novo 3, the Thiner holds a big 4 milliliter e-juice capacity.

The Smok Thinner comes in 6 luminous colors – Black, Grey, Silver Red, Blue/Purple, Silver Blue and Silver Lake Blue.

The device uses a draw-based activation, meaning you don't have to press a button to vape.

There's actually only one button on the Thiner. It has several functions besides turning the device on and off. The button displays an Easy-to-Read OLED screen where you can check settings, and make several adjustments to customize your vape. (More of that later in this post.)

Here's What's In the Box:

1 x THINER Device
1 x 0.8ohm THINER Meshed Pods
1 x Type-C Cable
1 x User Manual


  • Measures – 88 x 43 x 10 mm
  • Weight – 47.3 grams
  • Integrated 750 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Power – 5 to 25 watts

Thumbs Up graphic Pros

– Ultra Slim stying
– Large e-liquid capacity
– Nice vapor production and flavor
– Powerful, long-lasting 750 mAh battery
– Easy-to-read display
– Comes in 6 colors
– Affordable Price

Thumbs Down graphic Cons

– There is only 1 pod in the kit.
– The rubber pod stopper can leak. Make sure it is tightly closed and has not deteriorated.
– Some users get some “spitting” when drawing on the pod.


1- Filling the Pod:

Thiner pod with open juice door

Before you start using the Thiner, fill the pod by opening the rubber tab on the side of the pod.

I like the fact that the pod shows you “minimum fill” level, so you're not likely to burn the coil.

Speaking of that; when the pod is filled, the e-liquid will need to saturate the coil, so wait at least 10 minutes before vaping. This is what's known as priming the coil. Don't forget to remove the “Open” sticker on the bottom of the pod.

The pod also displays the coil's resistance, which is 0.8 ohm. In addition, it says, “Best 12W”, recommending an ideal wattage setting. Of course, you may have a different preference once you test out the various watts available.

Our recommended e-liquid seller says to use nic salts e-liquids. We suggest Solace nicotine salts , where you can choose either 36mg or 48mg nicotine, or, synthetic nicotine.

2- Turn on the Thiner:

Use the black button on the side of the Thiner to turn it on. Click it 5 times. 5 clicks will also turn it off.

The LED display will be active, and will show the wattage, the resistance (ohms) and the battery charge. There's also a puff counter.

3- Setting the Wattage:

When the device is on, click the black button 3 times. The current wattage will flash. To set it to a different wattage, just click the button until your desired wattage is shown.

The Thiner Puff Counter

The puff counter, (displayed under the oHms, on the LED screen), will show you up to 999 puffs. When it reaches that level, the counter resets to zero. If you want to reset it to zero, before it reaches 999, simply hold down the black button.

How Does it Vape?

The vapor hole is on the top/side of the pod. This is the first such design I've ever encountered on a vape pod. You'll either like it, or not. As mentioned in the “Pros” above, vapor and flavor are good. Cloud production is quite ample. Your choice of nicotine level will help determine your throat hit.

About the Smok Thiner’s Safety Features

Like all SMOK vaping devices, the Thiner includes important safety features. They include:

– Low Battery Warning – Time to recharge.
– Low Voltage Warning – The device will shut off. You'll need to recharge the device to correct this.
– Ohm's Too Low – The atomizer coil resistance is lower than 0.6 oHms. This isn't likely to happen if you are using the correct pod.
– Ohm's Too High – The atomizer coil resistance is higher than 3.0 oHms.
– No Atomizer – The atomizer cannot be detected.
– Atomizer Short – A short circuit has been detected
– Time Over – You are taking a draw that is longer than 8 seconds
– Pod Detached – This will appear when you remove the pod, or it becomes detached.


Great for it's “close to a credit card” size and portability, the Smok Thiner 25W Vape Pod combines several sought-after features, including auto-draw activation, wattage adjustments and super-portable, thin styling.

Vapers, (especially beginners), will find it easy to use. I'm not a beginner, but I did enjoy the feel, and easy-use of this card-sized device.

I must admit, I was disappointed that the kit came with only pod. If you want to use more than 1 flavor of e-juice, you really need a fresh pod. What's more, the pods only last a couple of weeks at most, before the coil burns out. Sure, you can buy more pods, but it would have been nice to have a spare in the kit. On the upside, replacement pods come in packs of two.

Looking for a larger, more powerful vape that's virtually mess free?” Check out the Geekvape e100i vape kit.

Have you tried the Smok Thiner 25W Vape Pod? Did you like it? Our readers would appreciate your opinion, so please comment below!

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