Best Pod Vape Systems with Disposable Pods

Last updated on January 4th, 2023

Best Pod Vape Systems with Disposable Pods

What Are the Top Selling Closed-System, Pre-Filled Pod Vapes?

Pod Vape Systems are undergoing a transformation since FDA regulations are restricting flavored pre-filled pods other than menthol and tobacco.

Before you vape flavored e-liquids, consider using a disposable pod vape!

Yes, you can purchase refillable pod vapes like the Smok Nord 4 and the Smok Novo 4. They last a long time before you have to replace the coil, and eventually the entire pod, but this article focuses on vapes where you must replace the entire device when the e-liquid is used up.

What is a Pod Vape?

Pod vapes come in many styles, colors and shapes, but they have one thing in common. All are lightweight, portable e-cigarettes. The e-liquid and the atomizer coil are contained in a pod rather than a traditional ‘cigalike’ cartridge.

  • Vapes with disposable pods, are called “closed system” pod vapes. They are very easy to use as you never have to fill them with e-liquid. When the e-juice is depleted, you toss the pod and insert a new one. Also in this category are pod vapes that are totally disposable. Those disposables have some advantages, which is why we’ve included the best models in our review.
  • Vapes with refillable pods are called “open system” pod vapes. You can fill the pod with any e-liquid; however, some e-liquids will perform better than others.

This article focuses on disposable, closed-system pod vapes. We’ve selected our favorites. Each has one or more outstanding feature which puts it at the top of the chart.


1- Puffmi Disposable 10 colors

Puffmi Disposable 10 colors


The pocket friendly PUFFMI is one of the prettiest disposable vape pens I've seen. You can choose from 10 luscious flavors (including Pumpkin Latte). This vape will last you for 1500 puffs, even with a modest e-liquid capacity of 5ml.

Vapor is ample and quite satisfying.


2 – Hyppe Max Flow Mesh 2000 Disposable Vape Pen


The HYPPE MAX Disposable Pod Device is a simple portable vape system that comes in a whopping 19 flavors.

From Strawberry Freeze to Cotton Clouds, you're sure to find a favorite with the Hyppe Max Flow Mesh 200 Disposable Vape Pen. As the name implies, you'll get a very long-lasting disposable vape that will give you approximately 2000 puffs!

The 900mAh battery will get you through every puff. There's a 5% nicotine content in the 6ml of e-liquid.


3 – Meta Drop Disposable Pod Vape

A very popular, inexpensive, single use pod vape pen, the Meta Drop is truly disposable. You throw the entire vape away when the pod is depleted. Ideal for travelers, the Meta Drop never needs charging or refilling. 

This pretty little vape is also priced right, at under $12 per device. Not bad for over 2000 puffs, and there are 10 delicious flavors.



Pod vapes have new restrictions due to FDA regulations. For now, the only pre-filled pod vapes you can buy, are those that use tobacco and menthol flavors. This post features the best brands.

For most vapers, flavored vapes are all-important. Many adults who are trying to quit smoking want to remove themselves from the tobacco/menthol taste associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes. We recognize that, and have included some of the best disposable pod vapes in this article. Disposable pod vapes comes in many flavors however, when the pod is depleted, you replace the entire vape. Disposables are very affordable.

Our top disposable pod vapes are also some of the best-sellers. They’re all reliable and easy-to use. 

We’ll be reviewing new disposable pod vape kits as they come on the market. We promise to keep you up to date on the very best devices from the most trusted sellers.

Of course, you can always learn more about each product by clicking the Buy Now button without any obligation to purchase. 

Looking for the Best Refillable Pod Vape Devices? Check out this post.

Here's the Most Effective CBD Disposable Vape Pen.

Have you tried any of our recommended disposable pod vape systems? We always appreciate your comments, so please leave a reply.


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    • Aanya Alberto on March 11, 2020 at 7:09 AM
    • Reply

    I think you forgot to include STIG pod. I am a fan of STIG pod and recently it is getting so popularity. Nicotine strength is little bit high comparing to others. So if you like more nicotine, STIG is for you. What do you think?

    1. Hi Aanya,

      Yes, I do like the STIG. If I were to recommend the top 6 brands I would include it!

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