Battle of the EGOs – South Beach Smoke AIR Review

Last updated on December 13th, 2021

AIR – South Beach Smoke's New Second Generation E-Cigarette 

South Beach Smoke AIRIt seems e-cigarette EGO or eGo style e-cigarettes are becoming extremely popular. They produce more vapor than traditionally styled e-cigarettes and they have a tank (sometimes called a clearomizer) to which you can add your own e-liquids.

Top selling electronic cigarette company South Beach Smoke has come out with a second generation eGo e-cigarette called the AIR. It combines an eGo style battery with a clearomizer tank that lets intermediate vapers enjoy the advantages and cost savings of filling their e-cigarettes with their own e-liquids.

Fits in Your Hand

The AIR eGo battery is compact – only 4” long. I might go so far as to say it’s “delicate” compared to the larger “stealth” type eGos…but as small as it is, the AIR is surprisingly powerful.

The AIR is also perfect for purse or pocket. It’s lightweight too and has a matching twist cap that fits over the mouthpiece to protect it when you're not vaping. The battery is a 350 mAh battery (same as SBS’s regular e-cigarette battery), but I’ve found that it will last about a half a day longer than your traditional e-cigarette battery.

Mix and Match Info

Another good feature is that the South Beach Smoke AIR has a true eGo battery head with an outside eGo thread and 510 threading. That means you can buy any eGo compatible tank to go with this cute little device including tanks from South Beach Smoke’s sister company VaporFi.

The tank that comes with the AIR has a 1ml capacity and it should last you about 2 months before the coil burns out (as long as you don't gunk it up with heavy e-liquids).

Vapor Production and E-Liquids

The AIR produces clouds of vapor. Not as much as vaporizors with more powerful batteries, but certainly enough to satisfy me. The only downside to the AIR is that according to South Beach Smoke it’s only compatible with VaporFi and South Beach Smoke’s e-liquids which are 70% Propylene Glycol 30% Vegetable Glycerine. That mixture gives you more of a throat hit and not as much vapor production.

My initial mistake in testing out the AIR was that I used a 50/50 mix. In my case, that mixture somehow affected the draw on the AIR, making the draw too difficul,t so I had to spill out my e-juice, rinse the tank with water, let it try thoroughly (several hours) and refill it with VaporFi e-liquid. Even then it took about 25 puffs before the draw became a bit easier. The AIR tank is not easy to clean thoroughly so, I recommend buying a replacement tank which is $9.99 on the South Beach Smoke website.

The Price is Right

All said, the South Beach Smoke AIR is a great little eGo and perfect for anyone looking to try out a second generation style vaporizer. It also sells for a great price – only $29.99, but remember, you do have to order your e-liquid separately.


    • Mike on October 25, 2014 at 6:45 PM
    • Reply

    Southbeach air was great for about ten minutes until the tank clogged, leaked, and sprayed juice in my mouth!

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