50Watt Mod Vaporizer from Halo – Review

Last updated on June 10th, 2023


Halo Reactor 50Watt Mod Vaporizer

Halo's discontinued Reactor

NOTE: The Halo Cigs 50W Reactor Mod Vaporizer is No Longer Sold!

If you are looking for a more modern variable voltage mod, we recommend the vaporesso-luxe-pm40-starter-kit.


Halo ecigs first became “famous” when they picked up several PC Magazine’s Editor's Choice awards for their classic G6. Then, for years, they rested on their laurels, enjoying the popularity of their easy-to-use beginner vaporizer, the Triton Tank System. 

Finally, Halo addressed the growing competition of the vapor industry by introducing several new vaporizers including the subject of this review – The Reactor 50Watt Mod.

Top Features of Halo's Reactor: Ease of Use, Great Vapor and Flavor

If you're a beginner or intermediate vaper the Reactor is a decent choice. This beautifully styled vaporizer is modeled after similarly styled box mods, but it’s sleeker and, like all Halo products, the Reactor is made in the USA. 

What I liked best about the Reactor was the fact that it’s fairly uncomplicated for a sub-ohm vaporizer that lets you adjust both your wattage and voltage. You can intensify your vape without worry because the wattage will adjust automatically to your selected voltage.

Prefer to adjust the wattage? To switch between settings, you only have to click the firing button three times in succession. The LED screen will reflect the current mode of the battery.

Once you've selected your preferred mode, adjust your power levels by pressing the up or down power adjustment buttons. I suggest you begin with lower levels, then increase the wattage/voltage slowly until you reach your sweet spot. You can also lock in your preferred setting by pressing the up and down arrow simultaneously for 2 seconds. After that, all you do is charge it, fill it and vape. Of course, you still have to replace the coil head when the vapor diminishes or, you experience a burnt taste.

The 5 ml, 510 threaded tank has airflow control. That means you can up your settings for greater cloud production, while keeping your vape cool.

Another cool feature on the Reactor is that you can switch the orientation of the LED display by pressing the up and down arrow simultaneously for 2 seconds. Note: You have to do it with the battery turned off.

Important Safety Features

There’s auto shut off on the Reactor, meaning you can take a nice long drag on your Reactor (10 secs) before the battery cuts off power to the tank.

Yet another safety feature is Short Circuit Protection caused by faulty tanks or coils. The unit wont’ fire and the LED screen will say “”atomizer short” meaning you have to replace the coil head or, less likely, the entire tank.

The Reactor, while powerful, is not a TC Mod, meaning it doesn’t have Temperature Control sensitivity like Vaporfi’s Vaio … but it's still quite safe and far less complicated.

VaporFi Temperature Control MOD Collection 728×90

Overheating is the greatest danger with advanced variable voltage, high powered mods, so I found it reassuring to know that Halo does include a type of overheating protection on the Reactor. Your mod will lock down, and the LED will display “temp protection” for 5 seconds. Keep an eye out on your LED screen and make sure you keep your voltage within a safe range. We have a sub-ohm chart on our site that can be helpful.

Charging the Battery

Charging is easy, but the signal is a bit different here. Don’t expect a green LED light to let you know your battery is fully charged. The Reactor’s charging light blinks until it’s charged, then it stays on for 10 seconds and goes out. So no light means a fully charged battery.

The Reactor Tank

Halo cigs Reactor Tank

Unlike Halo’s Triton Tank, the Reactor tank comes equipped with a .5 ohm Dual Vertical Coil. You can also use one of Halo’s .25 coils. This model is made for Sub-Ohm Vaping, which is getting to be industry standard for excellent flavor and cloud production.

How to Fill the Halo Reactor Tank

The best part about the Reactor Tank is that it fills from the top. That means you, when you remove the tank from the battery, won't spill any eliquid. Bottom fill tanks are notorious for eliquid spills if you forget to turn the mod upside down before you remove the tank

I had no trouble filling the tank, but I recommend using a paper towel to remove excess liquid around the rim. The vape is terrific and there’s no leaking.

Here's a handy graphic for refilling this top-fill style tank.

How to Fill a Halo Reactor Tank

Regarding E-Juice

The best ratio of PG to VG for Sub Ohm e-liquids is High VG, and wouldn’t you know, Halo has a new line of High VG e-juice. It’s pretty decent and a free bottle comes with the kit, but if you use another high VG brand it will work just as well, despite the fact that Halo recommends you use their e-liquids. Don’t buy into that marketing ploy.

Reassembling the Halo Reactor Tank

I've been vaping for years, (without health issues btw), and I have quite a collection of vape mods. I have to admit I'm guilty of throwing away the user manual after a few months only to discover I've forgotten how to reassemble the tank after I clean all the parts. (and there are 5 parts to the Reactor tank). That said, a nice Halo representative sent me this helpful image.

Halo Reactor Tank Assembly

Reactor comes with:

4400 mAh Reactor Battery (Black, Blue, Pink or Silver)

1 – Reactor 5 ml Tank

1 – Reactor Stainless Steel Wide Mouthpiece

2 – 0.5 ohm Dual Coils

1 – USB Charging Cable

1 – Wall Charger

1 – User Manual

1 – 30 ml Bottle of Halo V-Type High VG E-liquid of your choice

Reactor Replacement coils are easily replaceable and sold in packs of five. They're available in five-packs at .25 and .5 sub-ohms.

On the Downside

When I first received my Reactor, my biggest complaint was that the instructions are listed in their teeny tiny booklet that comes with the Reactor. Be prepared to get out your magnifying glass. I guess that's why I tossed it. There are no online instructions other than FAQ’s which for the most part are not helpful. 

Summing It Up 

As first noted, the Reactor is no longer available. It was a game changer years ago when variable voltage mods were first introduced, but today it's but a memory.

The vape industry is so innovative, and the top companies are always offering newer, better and safer products. We're always reviewing them, so please check out our website for those reviews and tutorials. 

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