Can You Customize CBD Flavors?

Last updated on May 18th, 2023

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CBD Vape Juice Fans Can Now Choose From Over 30,000 Flavor Combinations 

If you enjoy CBD e-liquids, you are probably accustomed to purchasing either the natural hemp flavored e-liquid, or a single particular flavor offered by the manufacturer. Until now, there’s never been the option to create custom CBD flavors other than purchasing several bottles and mixing your preferred flavors at home. 

Vaporfi has changed that. The company known for their rigorous testing procedures, diacetyl-free e-liquids and custom e-liquid flavors has extended those benefits to their CBD line of e-liquids. 

Now you can become your own CBD flavor mixologist…and it’s easy to do.

First, Choose Your CBD Type

There are 2 types of CBD, Full Spectrum and Hemp Isolate. Vaporfi lets you select your preference. Here’s some basic information:

Full Spectrum CBD image

  • CBD Full Spectrum has the full range of beneficial terpenes because it is harvested from the entire hemp plant including the flowers, leaves, and stalks.

Terpenes are natural essential oils that add flavor and aroma to everything we eat and smell. They are known for treating anxiety, depression, insomnia, and inflammation. 

Full Spectrum CBD contains less than 0.03% THC so it will never get you high, and it is 100% legal.

CBD Isolates image

  • CBD Hemp Isolate is 99 percent or purer CBD. There are no other cannabinoids or any plant-based compounds.

All CBD Isolate contains zero percent THC. It may provide relief from inflammation and pain, but it has zero terpenes, so you may need to take more of it.

Usually, people choose CBD Isolate if they need to take a THC test. Some simply prefer not to vape any THC.

Personalize Your Vape – Mix and Match Up to Three CBD Flavors

When you place your order for Vaporfi’s Custom CBD Blend, you can choose from one to three flavors…and they have 51 flavors.

You Call the Shots

Customers even have the option to choose a flavor ratio. For example, you can get 1 shot of 2 or 3 different flavors, or 1 shot of 1 flavor and 2 shots of another. 

I would not recommend 3 shots of a single flavor. Vaporfi says, “it can sometimes result in changing the flavor or in a flavor that is too strong”.

The Vaporfi CBD Custom Blend page makes it easy to design your CBD vape juice. Once you’ve made your selections, Vaporfi does all the mixing for you. The bottle you receive will contain your own personalized blend.

There are thousands of combinations of flavors and flavor ratios, so you can have fun creating your own masterpiece.

CBD Transparency Assured

Not all companies that sell CBD are transparent about the quality or amount of CBD in their products. Vaporfi has been a trusted vape company since 2006 – even before vaping became mainstream in 2010, so I’m confident they are just as trustworthy regarding their CBD products.

Each bottle of Vaporfi’s custom CBD blend contains 500 mg of the highest quality CBD. To prove it, they include links to a CoA (Certificate of Analysis) on the product page.

icons for organic product, cruelty free, vegan

All CBD is 100% Pure, Cruelty Free and All Vegan

Pure means that the CBD was extracted by using the carbon dioxide extraction process. This method involves using supercritical carbon dioxide to separate the pure CBD oil from the Hemp plant material. It is the most extensive (and expensive) form of CBD oil extraction.

Cruelty Free means products are never tested on animals.

Vegan means the product is completely plant based.

How Tasty Are Vaporfi Custom CBD Flavors?

This is a trick question! I’ve got no idea how each of the many combinations of flavors, and shot ratios taste. With a staff of 5 taste testers (myself included) that would be an impossible task.

We were; however, sent 5 samples to review. (Thanks Vaporfi!). Remember, taste is always subjective and your own palate may differ from ours. 

We tested samples using a SMOK NORD 2 which is perfect for any 50/50 PG/VG e-liquid. Of course, you can use any of their CBD blends in a refillable pod vape or any vaporizer that uses a regular (not subohm) coil.

All Vaporfi bottles come with a child-proof top and are sealed in a plastic outer casing. Your custom CBD blend is shown on a label at the bottom of the bottle.

bottom of custom CBD bottle

The flavor combination is on the bottom of each bottle

Here Are the Results of Our Custom CBD Blend Taste Test

All five blends contain Full Spectrum CBD.

#1-Smooth Chocolate (1 shot), Hazelnut (1 shot), Pie Crust (1 shot)

Want a dessert flavored combination that smells heavenly and tastes delicious? I have to say that the predominant flavor in this custom blend is chocolate even though the shots are the same for all three flavors! I’m led to presume that some flavors will naturally overpower other flavors when the shots are equal. Still, CBD Smooth Chocolate + Hazelnut + Pie Crust is sure to give you sweet dreams.

#2-Cantaloupe (2 shots), Mango (1 shot).

I tasted a very equally balanced combination of flavors. Since cantaloupe tends to be more subtle than mango, I chose to intensify it with the double shot. It worked! Oh yes, it was lovely; fruity and tropical, but not too sweet.

#3-Orange (1 shot), Custard (2 shots)

The orange was there, but very subtle. Still, the predominant custard flavor made this vape outstanding.

I had forgotten just how great custard e-juice can be. Many vape companies stopped selling it because the flavor almost always contained diacetyl to achieve that custardy, buttery flavor. Vaporfi has perfected the custard flavor without using any diacetyl. The shot of orange in this blend, just sweetened the mix.

#4-Blueberry (2 shots), Creme (1 shot)

If you enjoy fresh blueberries with cream, you’ll certainly enjoy vaping this combination. There’s nothing artificial tasting, and for me, the ratio of the two flavors was perfect. The blueberry was dominate, but there was no mistaking the creamy undertones.

#5-Grape (2 shots)

One of my favorite e-liquid flavors is grape, which is why I wanted to test an unadulterated 2-shot customization. It was excellent – a juicy rich flavor; not too strong and without any mysterious aftertaste.


Popular vape company, Vaporfi now sells high quality, lab tested CBD in a huge variety of flavors. One of the most exciting things is that you can customize your own flavor by choosing up to 3 flavor blends. Just select your preferences and Vaporfi does all the mixing for you. The price is the same for any type of flavor combination.

In testing 5 flavor combinations, I found them all to be true-to-taste, fresh flavored, and with no artificial undertones. That said, the balance of the shots can be tricky as some flavors are naturally more intense than others. You may have to do a bit of experimenting to find your perfect combination. 

Vaporfi has 2 types of CBD – The Full Spectrum CBD version and the Hemp Isolate version. All are made from the highest quality CBD and are guaranteed to be 100% pure, cruelty free and vegan.

These CBD products are designed for vaping so they are compounded in a carrier base that is 50PG / 50VG. 

I am rarely disappointed with Vaporfi’s e-liquid flavors. If I don’t like a flavor, it is simply because of my own personal taste preference rather than the quality of the e-juice, (which is always outstanding). I was happy to discover that Vaporfi’s CBD flavors are made with the same high standards as their traditional e-liquids.

Ready to Mix Your Own CBD Flavors?

Here’s the Direct Link to the Official Web Page

Just click the button below. When you get to the CBD Vape Juice Page,    scroll down to DIY – CBD Custom Blend


Happy Vaping and Be Well!

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