CBD Works Best If You Don’t Make These 7 Mistakes

Last updated on May 19th, 2024



CBD is proving to be an attractive alternative to more traditional wellness products, but there’s a lot to learn if you want it to work properly. The information shared here will steer you away from the most common CBD mistakes people make when choosing, (and using) products.

CBD is 100% legal, but it is not fully regulated by the FDA. As with all information regarding CBD, this list should be used as a reference only, and should not be considered medical advice.

Here Are Some Basic Mistakes You Can Make When Buying or Using CBD

1- You Use a Prescription Medication, Yet You Didn’t Consult with Your Health Care Provider Before Taking CBD.

While CBD has had no reported side effects, there’s no telling whether it will react with your current medications. 

2- You're Shopping for CBD, But You Don’t Understand the Difference Between CBD Isolate and Full-Spectrum CBD. 


CBD isolates vs full spectrum


With a Full-Spectrum product, you’ll get the maximum effectiveness for a wider range of ailments. That’s because the cannabidiol is taken from the entire hemp plant and contains all the beneficial cannabinoids (including terpenes) present in the plant. Full Spectrum CBD may contain a trace amount of THC, so unless you’re about to take a THC test, always choose a Full-Spectrum CBD product.

Learn more about terpenes

3 – You’re Using CBD to Help You Sleep Better, But You Mixed Your CBD Oil (or Terpenes) with an E-liquid That Contains Nicotine. 

Vaping CBD is great and you can certainly add CBD oil or terpenes to e-juice. Just remember, commercial CBD vape juice is made without nicotine, because it can be counter-productive – especially when used for relaxation. Creating your own CBD vape juice with nic juice also defeats the purpose. So does consuming foods that contain caffeine (such as coffee, black tea, and chocolate) while you vape CBD.

4-  You Mixed Together Different Flavors of Terpenes That Have Conflicting Effects.

Terpenes are essential oils that add flavor and aroma to all plant matter. Full spectrum CBD oil will always contain terpenes, but you can also buy terpene oil. 

Each distinctive flavor has its own property that can be used to treat specific ailments including depression, insomnia, anxiety and inflammation.

For example, you wouldn’t want to mix an energizing citrus terpene with one that had earthy, relaxing properties such as Pangea.

5- You Vaped Undiluted CBD Tinctures Using a Regular Atomizer. 

CBD tinctures are too thick for many vape pens and vaporizers unless you are using a sub-ohm atomizer coil. Even then, the tincture will deplete very quickly! 

Tinctures such as CBD oil and terpenes are made to be taken sublingually (under the tongue). You can; however, add a few drops of tincture to your e-liquids (preferably with zero nicotine).

6- You Made the Mistake of Purchasing Inferior CBD Products. 

Natural, lab certified CO2 extraction graphic

The Best CBD Products Are All Natural, Lab Certified and Use the CO2 Extraction Method


What Makes a CBD Product Inferior?

  • They are not likely to be harvested from pesticide-free hemp.
  • The CBD may have been extracted from the hemp using harsh chemicals that can leach into the CBD formula. 
  • The CBD may not be properly certified.

Always read CBD product descriptions carefully. The best products will say they are All-Natural, Lab Certified and that they use the CO2 Extraction method. This applies to both human and pet CBD product.

How to Give CBD to Your Pet Safely

7 – You Bought CBD with a High Concentration of Cannabidiol Thinking It Would Be More Affective. 

As the old saying goes…”More doesn’t always mean better!”

Low concentrations of CBD may prove to be just as effective as higher concentrations, (which can be quite expensive).

For example, when using tinctures, Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a professor of psychology at the University at Albany, State University of New York recommends using just 10mg per dose. 

If find you require more, you can always adjust your dosage.

How Do You Know How Much CBD is in the Bottle? 

The bottle may say “50mg” CBD, but there may be 30mL or 120mL of product in the entire bottle, so it’s really hard to figure out the actual percentage of CBD.

It's helpful to buy from on-line sellers who include a Certificate of Analysis for every product. The data will tell you the percentage of CBD along with the entire cannabinoid profile. Full-Spectrum CBD includes other helpful cannabinoids. 

Here’s an example of Nu-X Terra CBD Concentrate. The chart shows 33.65% CBD and 35.95% Total cannabinoids. Certificates of Analysis also list the percentage of THC – which is 0%.

Cannabinoid Profile of CBD Potency in NUx ejuice

It's Even More Helpful When the Dosage is Actually Listed on the Packaging.

Koi CBD tincture


I personally use Koi CBD Tincture. It's a great product that recommends using 1-3 drops.


Advantages of CBD in the Human Body

The Known Benefits of CBD

Sales of CBD product are growing as people discover the many benefits of this legal, non-psychedelic cannabinoid. But buying the best products isn’t always enough. It's easy to make a few mistakes when ordering or using CBD, but doing some research will help you use them efficiently. 

Our editorial team has done much of the research for you, and this article will help; however, it should be used as a reference only. As mentioned, a doctor's advice should be sought before using any supplemental dietary product.

Until the FDA requires dosages and instructions on every product label, consumers can only experiment or get recommendations from reputable sources. 

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