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Dan is a senior analyst whose interests include public health. A staunch supporter of the vaping industry, Dan has been researching, testing and reviewing ecigs since 2010. He appreciates good food, good laughs and a great vape. He hopes you'll follow Cloud Nine ECig Reviews on Twitter and on Facebook for vaping discounts and special offers.

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Best Discount Sales on ECigarettes and ELiquids This 4th of July

Looking to save big on Vapor Products this 4th of July weekend? Here’s my list of the best deals from the top selling ecig and eliquid companies.

OHM GO Vaping Kit – Easy to Use + Great Vapor

OHM GO Vaping Kit Featured Image

The OHM GO Vaping Kit has everything you need to start vaping. Priced under $40, it’s easy to use and you’ll get power, great flavor and huge vapor clouds.

Best Selling Disposable Pod Vapes

Pre-filled pod vapes like the JUUL now have serious flavor restrictions limiting them to tobacco and menthol. For this reason alone, Disposable Pod Vape pens have taken over the ultra portable e-cig market. But with so many choices, buying one can be overwhelming. Here’s our guide to the very best brands.

Renova Zero AIO Pod Vape with Safety Features

Vaporesso Renova Zero Review

Vaporesso’s Renova Zero AIO Pod Vape is made with certified medical grade materials. This includes a PCTG chemical-resistant, BPA-free e-liquid pod that delivers a safer, purer flavor.

Best Pod Vape Systems with Disposable Pods

We’ve tested a wide range of pod vapes with pre-filled, disposable pods. Here’s our updated list of the top 5 models. They’re are all a bit different, but you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your vaping needs.

Safely and Easily Get Vaporizers from Eleaf, Kanger and More at a Discount

South BeachSmoke New Arrivals

Some of the  most popular ecigs and vaporizers are made in Asia, but how can you be sure you’re not getting a clone or a knockoff? Here’s a great place to get them safely and at a discount. 

ECigarettes – How Long Do They Last Before You Need a Replacement?

Best selling Electronic Cigarette Comparison Chart 2016

How Long Do ECigarettes Last? Do Some Ecig Brands Last longer Than Others? What Are the Signs You Need to Replace One or More Vaping Parts?

Ecigarette Cartridge Subscriptions – Are they Worth It?

ECigarette Cartridge and Eliquid Subscriptions

Are ecigarette cartridge subscriptions worth the money? Here are the benefits and drawbacks of these popular ecig programs.

Firebrand Sub-OHM and Liquitine Taste Tests

FireBrandAmerica Liquitine Eliquid

FireBrandAmerica makes their excellent, Diacetyl-Free Liquitine and Sub-ohm e-liquids on site, in an ultra-sterile lab using state of the art Magnetic Vortex Technology. 

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